Photo Credit: Screenshot

After many hours of preparation both on the part of more than 3,000 security personnel and the residents of Amona in Samaria, the expulsion effort, dubbed “Locked Garden 2” has officially begun at roughly 11 AM.

(Give the video a minute to load.)


Large numbers of Police, Border Guards and IDF soldiers are entering the community, with the expectation that residents, for the most part, would honor their commitment to the Netanyahu government of letting the forces evacuate them peacefully.

As the security forces began to arrive, the community’s PA system announced: “Ten Border Guard buses are on their way. The alert is increased. Everyone go to your base, if you’re in a synagogue, go to your synagogue, if you’re in a home, go to that home.”

The PA also announced: “The forces are at the community’s gate, Let anyone who is able come stop them with your bodies.”