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Paramedics and rescue workers at the site of a terror attack in Jerusalem. In 1996 an Arab suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus, killing 26 people, and injuring 80 more on February 26, 1996.

The Palestinian Authority’s Minister of Prisoners Issa Karaka has threatened, if Israel does not release the 4th round of Arab terrorists, then violence will break out, according to a report in Makor Rishon.

Karaka adds that if Israel doesn’t release the 30 terrorists on the list, which includes Israeli Arabs who committed terror attacks, the PA will also break their agreements and go the UN, the ICC, and other international forums for full unilateral recognition and to attack Israel on the legal front.


Abu Mazen has said that the release of the mass murderers is the basis for any continued talks with Israel.


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  1. It's time to restore the death penalty which would eleminate this one problem…death for terrorist acts within Israel…since it is a sin to allow these people, islamics, within the borders of Greater Zion and we are told this in the Torah and Tanach…why not try G-d's law for a change since progressive liberalism hasn't worked out so well for Jews and Israel. "They Must Go!"

  2. Do you remember this one in Yiddish,"Hakn a tshaynek – Translates to: "Don't chop my teapot" -or- "quit talking so much" -or- "don't bother me" (learned it in the 40's) WE MUST GET THE MESSAGE TO ABU MAZEN TO STOP THREATENING US WITH DEATH IF WE DON'T COMMIT SUICIDE … if we don't release more murderers …

  3. What benefit is there to releasing terrorists? It only encourages terror and while they are coddled in prison and learning more terror techniques at the expense of the Jewish citizens, they are paid a salary from Saudi Arabia. I don't see anything good about this gesture except making the Jewish victims families relive the pain. Netanyahu has cheapened Jewish life with his prisoner releases. The only way these prisoners should be released is in body bags.

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