Photo Credit: courtesy, spokesperson, MK Shuli Moalem
Shuli Moalem on the Temple Mount last year.

Palestinian Authority spokesperson Nabil Rudaineh is “warning” Israel over its decisions to build housing in Jerusalem, and visits by lawmakers and others to the Temple Mount.

Yesterday (Monday, Nov. 3) Rudaineh roundly condemned Israel’s approval of a project to build 500 housing units in Jerusalem’s crowded Ramat Shlomo neighborhood.


Although the PA spokesperson had called for calm in Jerusalem, on Monday he also warned that visits by Jews to the holiest site in the Jewish faith – the Temple Mount – was “provoking the sentiments” of local Arabs.

His outrage has been echoed in high places abroad by State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, who issued similar warnings on behalf of the Obama administration as well — and who nowadays refers to the Temple Mount first by its Arabic name, the ‘Haram al-Sharif‘ before using its English name. Needless to say, none of the staff in the Obama administration refer to the Temple Mount by its Hebrew appellation, ‘Har HaBayit.”

In a briefing with reporters, Abu Rudaineh claimed that “settlers and extremists” were “storming” the Al Aqsa Mosque located on the Mount, which is also considered the third holiest site in Islam.

Abu Rudaineh insisted that “incursions and transgressions against the holy sites are continuing and even escalating,” and warned that visits by Jews were provocations to Arab worshipers at the mosque.

A female Knesset member who visited the Temple Mount yesterday was physically and verbally attacked by a screaming Muslim Arab woman yelling “Allah huAkbar!” – the Arab battle cry used by jihadists prior to an attack. It means, “God is great!”

The attacker was arrested and brought to the local police precinct for question but it is not clear whether she was subsequently detained or released. Israel Police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld was unable to answer that question and later was not available for followup.

On Sunday, MK Moshe Feiglin also visited the Temple Mount. Today, MK Tzipi Hotovely is also scheduled to go up to the holy site.

The daily visits are being coordinated in part to honor Rabbi Yehudah Glick, head of the Temple Mount Faithful organization, who is still fighting for his life after being attacked by an Arab terrorist last week.

Glick was shot at point-blank range by an Islamic Jihad operative on a motorcycle in a targeted assassination attempt after speaking at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center — where the assassin was employed at the facility’s restaurant despite having spent 10 years in an Israeli prison. Glick has undergone multiple surgeries  and is still being held in a medically-induced coma for life-saving purposes.



  1. There is no such thing as purgatory my friend. Read your Bible.

    The sons of this world were paid as Christ’s blood was she’d on the cross. He atone for mankind-he came to die for all humanity. Pray for more muslim’s eyes to be opened to be opened to this truth- to follow Yahweh

  2. Mistakes were made in the past – control of the Temple Mount was given to the Arabs. They failed to comply with the terms of the gift – peaceful co-existence.

    Now new rules: Freedom to pray for all on the Mount. Expulsion of those who interfere with others. Group restrictions if one group appears to be working as a group (ie criminal enterprise including calls for riots) to interfere with the prayers of others.

    Like anything else – it will take the Arabs time to get to adjust to this and there will be pain for all, but like all else – the new reality will become the facts on the ground.

    When my right to breathe causes you to be incited – you are the problem not me and any civilized country will take the necessary actions to deal with you.

  3. they have a delusional myopic agenda of wishing away the Jews and threatening that we will be vanquished. despite their bullcrp, the vulgar state department, the swirling down the toilet of europe, or even the anti-semitic muslim's bff in the WH, that will not happen.

  4. The Great SAtan (the name used by muslims for the USA) i.e the U.S. should be slapping the PA silly and insisting that the Temple Mount – just like other Jewish sites and Christian sited in Jerusalem and Israel – should remain open for all to visit. There cannot be a return to pre-1967 where neither Christians nor Jews were alllowed into The area. This shows a total lack of respect and sensitivity for all the other peoples of the world. Even though Jerusalem is OUR capital it has never been closed off to anyone even when it creates a security risk. Hey we even let OBAMA and KERRY come!
    BTW any tour guide will tell you that the Har Habayint is the 3rd holiest Muslim site. IT is our first holiest.
    But now that the U.S state department has educated us we should refer to the US first as the Great Satan the way the Muslims would like us to. What do you say Psaki, Kerry and friends?

  5. In a democracy, the arabs have no rights to bar Jews from their places to worship.
    In Arabia, they have barred Jews from Synagogues and Yeshivot in addition to commercial infrastructure and education and got use to giving such demands which they learned from the mufti and hitler who were alies. Arabs are Nazi allies and should be considered as such and investigated into their wwii anti humanity activities.

    Moreover, the arabs defile our Jewish holy place of worship with injuring worshippers with rocks while the Jews should retaliate and pelt the arab pagans with rocks until they go back from where they came from – Jordan, Syria, Eygpt and Iraq.


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