Photo Credit: Twitter
Paris police in Wednesday morning's raid on ISIS terrorists in the Paris suburb of St. Denis.

Paris in Panic.

Police are combing the capital’s suburb of St. Denis for two terrorists who escaped during this morning’s pre-dawn raid in which two Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists were killed.


One of them was a woman who blew herself after shooting at police with an AK-47 assault rifle when they tried to break into the apartment.

She is the same woman suspected of being linked with Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the ISIS mastermind who ordered and planned the massacres in Paris Friday night.

Five police officers were wounded in today’s raid, but their condition is not known. A bystander also was killed, as was a police dog.

Seven people have been arrested, including the man who allowed the terrorists to stay at their apartment. He claimed he did not know they were part of ISIS.