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Druze MK Ayoub Kara

By Zack Pyzer

Syria’s ever-deepening civil war has for the first time put the country’s 800,000 strong population under threat of genocide by Islamic extremists.


Prominent Israeli Druze MK Ayoub Kara, speaking to Tazpit News Agency on Monday, said that the situation was complicated both for the Druze in Syria, as well as for Israel.

Last Wednesday, members of the al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front slaughtered 20 Druze civilians. This quickly raised fears that the Druze could meet the same violent persecution as other religious minorities under Islamic extremists.

Druze protestors and politicians in neighboring Israel are now trying to help their plight. However, the matter has caused a lot of
“I wear two hats, as a Druze, and as a member of Israel’s government,” Kara, who is a member of the ruling Likud party, said to Tazpit.

The Druze community in Israel have a high rate of conscription into the IDF, and are generally regarded as well integrated into society.

On Monday evening, around 4,000 protestors in the largely Druze town of Isfiya took to the streets to urge Israel to protect their brethren across the border.

Many Israeli Druze have close family relations in Syria, especially those from villages in the Israeli Golan Heights.
In addition to protests, Druze communities in Israel are said to have raised more than $2.6 million (NIS 10 million) to transfer to Syria, via Jordan.

The money will likely be used to buy weapons for the protection of the community, Kara suggested.

The MK explained that Israel cannot act like the USA and a coalition of nations are doing against the Islamic State. If the Jewish state is seen to be on the side of the Druze in Syria, “it would make it worse for our people,” Kara concluded.


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TPS - The Tazpit News Agency provides news from Israel.


  1. Let former IDF Druze train them. Allow current IDF Druze fght for their community in Syria. Push America to arm them. Then pray w/tears that these weapons are not used against us. Please Hashem do not allow them to live in Israel. Where are they going to live? In TA? Charity starts at home. Stop giving away millions of dollars for everyone who is not Jewish and then say we have no money for the elderly, sick and poor Jews.

  2. Some years ago. I was at the Dead Sea. I was swimming in the pool, when a very attractive young lady came to talk to me. Her husband jumped into the pool and introduced himself as Druze living in a vilkliage in the Golan.
    I asked him what is it living under Israeli laws etc.
    His answer was that he and he and his family have never been more happy and never felt as safe as they do in Israel.
    I only wish that the world would have heard him.
    The Druza in Israel would never change. They are Israelis and that is that>

  3. Dear Markus Brajtman , I forgive you. I am not offended. The land of Israel belongs to the Jews. Please guard your eyes because ALL Jews religious or not are effecting the Jewish nation and the entire world because the world was created for the Jews. Not my opinion, read the written and oral Torah.

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