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David Cameron with Benjamin Netanyahu

Published on Jewish Business News by Ilan Shavit

Labor and its Jewish leader Ed Miliband discovered on Tuesday only 22 percent of British Jews said they intended to vote for the party in May, according to the Survation survey, the International Business Times reported.


The survey polled more than 500 British Jews between April 2 and 7, and discovered that a full 68.9% of respondents plan to vote for the Tories come the May 7 elections.

The survey, which was sponsored by The Jewish Chronicle, showed as many as 64% of the Jews think Cameron has the best attitude towards British Jewry.

Miliband is viewed as a friend of the Jews by only 13% of the Jews—of which, as we mentioned, he is one.

Tough neighborhood…

Patrick Briône, director of research at Survation, told IBT that the British Jewish vote could mean the difference between winning or losing some seats in London and Manchester.

“The Jewish population in the UK is quite concentrated on a number of a geographic areas so within those areas they might well form a not insignificant part of the electorate,” Briône noted, adding, “In certain parts of London and Manchester there might be seats where votes from the Jewish community are going to be quite significant.”

On the issue of Israel, 60.5% of Jewish respondents believe the Tories have the best policies on Israel and the Middle East.

Only 7.7% believe the same about Labor.


Also, 72.6 percent said a party’s behavior regarding Israeli issues was important in the way they decided how to vote in the general election.

Meanwhile, a Populus national poll gives Labor a two point lead ver the Tories (33% to 31%).


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