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U.S. President Barack Obama

The following is the statement issued by U.S. President Barack Obama in response to the murders of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Frenkel. Frenkel was not only Israeli, as were the other two boys, but also an American.

On behalf of the American people I extend my deepest and heartfelt condolences to the families of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel – who held Israeli and American citizenship. As a father, I cannot imagine the indescribable pain that the parents of these teenage boys are experiencing. The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms this senseless act of terror against innocent youth. From the outset, I have offered our full support to Israel and the Palestinian Authority to find the perpetrators of this crime and bring them to justice, and I encourage Israel and the Palestinian Authority to continue working together in that effort. I also urge all parties to refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation. As the Israeli people deal with this tragedy, they have the full support and friendship of the United States.

“This senseless act of terror against innocent youth” is the strongest he could muster. Nothing about brutal murder or heinous slaughter or savagery.


And does the U.S. president really think that Israel and the Palestinian Authority will be “working together in that effort” to bring the perpetrators to justice?


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  1. Obama Ok but they wage terror and we have to hold back…they destabilized the region and then they dont want us to finish what they start becuz our balagan is powerful. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SECURE OUR NATION FROM ALLLLL THREATS AND TERROR ATTACKS

  2. No mercy no forgiveness they will pay in blood lots of blood this SOB animals don’t deserve any thing beside death Israel need to take out all the ARabs from the Jewish land and send them to their real home Jordan let them do this with their brother over there like in Syria or Iraq this is the real face of the Arabs Kalbs

  3. WHen the victims are Jews, Obama says don’t do anything to the murderers who could be like his sonsObama wants us to be good dhimmis. It’s time for retribution the Jewish way to either drive out the Arabs or wipe them out if they don’t leave.

  4. Why they need to stop this madness of hamas and all those who persacute them why do we send our troops to die for others but when its God’s holy people who we are sopsta stand with no one wants to lift a finger for them that’s just bogies

  5. I don’t believe one word Obama says! I don’t think he is sadden of the death of these wonderful young men! Since he is the one that is giving our taxes dollars to empower those that killed the boys! Get this mad man out of office NOW!

  6. Des actes voilà ce que nous revendiquons qu’on arrêtés de leurs donner de l’ardent qu’il arrête ce Mr Obama de nous duper nous mentir avec ces fausses déclarations stop !!! Nous réclamons nos droits a savoir le démantèlement du Hamas sa destruction ainsi que tout ceux qui entrave notre liberté !!!!

  7. Shut up you stupid president, Yes its pay back time , Punish them severely all these so called palestinian cowards, dont listen to obama, he is a big big misstake himself, attack fiuriosly, GOD BLESS ISRAEL AND THE JEWS

  8. Are we just to set back and watch as more killings happen God for bid the world is so full of hate we need to take a stand agents evil not Let it grow I feel sorry for you God will judge us all . We are to pray for Jerusalem and Israel to defend them as did the presidents of the past Lincoln ,washi

  9. Notice how clinical his words are; how well chosen so not to piss off his friends in the Muslim brotherhood. Lets see how well chosen his words are if his daughters were to be kidnapped and subsequently murdered; how particular his words are and so restrained for doing anything at all. Knowing him, he’d make a very political correct speech and tell himself that the people who committed this “tragedy” we’re only doing so because this is all they know. How comforting. Then again, the far left only believes that they are worth anything and not just a invisible number without much worth except during election season. Obama is an obvious fraud. Everyday he shows us exactly who his sympathise lay with; everyday he tells us with encrypted words how much he quietly sides with the terrorists. After he’s finally done and out of power will all his anti Semitic/Israel bile will be belched out and no one can touch him for it but at least the real Hussein Obama will be revealed.

  10. OUR Constitution doesn’t provide for “dual citizenship” – YOU ARE EITHER AN AMERICAN, (by birthright or by naturalization), OR YOU ARE SOMETHING ELSE OTHER THAN AMERICAN. My ‘allegiance’ is to my country and my country FIRST…!

  11. I am a democrat and I believe in fairness for all people. However, this president has brought shame to the democratic party! If the boys had been in the states and had been kidnapped and murdered, we all know damn well that we would go after the kidnapping murderers. How dare he tell Israel not to retaliate or protect their own!!! He is an F’ing hypocrite!

  12. Obama is just plain ole naive! He he can say what he wants but Israel will do what it thinks best. Let’s think and pray for the families of the boys tonight and the coming days… weeks… years! Keep it in perspective that this was an active of a Hate Crime; Terrorism! Whoever collaborates or complies is equally at fault. Israel will do the right thing. Hamas is out!

  13. t –Mr. Presiden – if it were your two daughters who were kidnapped and murdered – would you also urge restraints…..l these three young men have parents who cry and mourn today…..they don’t think about restraint……easy to say ….harder to do than you can imagine…….just put yourself in their shoes – – a parent’s nightmare.

  14. I vote democrat, and would never ever support republicans, evangelicals and those of that ilk. But this time Obama screwed the pooch as far as I’m concerned. Listen Barry, it’s Hamas and the PA who are partners, not the PA and Israel. I suggest restraint by the US as Israel mops the floor with these terrorist scum.

  15. “I also urge all parties to refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation.” ??? The situation is destabilized, and the Palestinians never refrained from anything. They went a step too far and now they’ll pay the price. Full stop.

  16. Prophecy about to be unveiled- could this be the Psalm 83 war provoked by Satan’s puppets? Sad for the families of those boys- what evil “moderate” religion does such despicable deeds- ? Cult and political movement to put the AC into power now. This is the final hours of the church age- be rapture ready folks.

  17. To quote this shameless man: “I have offered our full support to Israel and the Palestinian Authority to find the perpetrators of this crime and bring them to justice…”

    So we’re going to support the VERY PERPETRATORS of this crime? Typical liberal-elitist double-speak!

  18. How about Mr. Obama shut the hell up! And could not one of these boys be his son, what if this is was one of his pampered daughters!!! He makes me absolutely sick and sad to be an American today, well ever since he became his royal highness!!!

  19. Obama calling the kidnapping and murdering of 3 Israeli non-combatant civilian teenagers a “tragedY” is a joke. It’s like calling Custer’s Last Stand an “altercation”. Suggesting “”all parties to refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation”” without chastising the Palestinian Authority for its partnering with Hamas signals he is insincere about caring for the plight of Israel. Watch out Israel.

  20. 1) We Americans need to demand that Obama will stop the funding of Hammas – it is illegal!!! 2) Hammas need be destabilized and our country must support Israel in her fight against terror. 3) Shame on our president for speaking up after they are found dead.

  21. No need to listen obama he never know about israel and its God. Israel mean to him is nothing nithing… his best friends are those killers and savages. refrain for what ? to lose and sacrifice more innocent peoples, or is he giving a comfirmation for his animal savage friends that he was still with them? God is with his people always !!! God bless Israel

  22. Candace, I’ve been saying that for 2 weeks..the POTUS, the SOS etc are all two-faced anti-semites with only one agenda….and now no one cares what he/they think..the Israelis will do what they want to do, have to do, and should do, to avenge these murders.

  23. Joseph..smoke & mirrors?? And you are wrong…our laws most certainly DO provide for dual citizenship…not just w/ Israel but other countries as well…are you just upset because Israel is going to retaliated in full force??

  24. I am 65 yrs dad is almost 98; my step mom is 93..I am the only one in my family to be anti-Obama when it comes to the Middle East & Israel..makes me so so sad…if my Mom were still alive she would be wanting to go there w/ me & fight for the survival & safety of Israel and its citizens, families, children. I wept when I heard the news today and no one near me even begins to understand ‘why’…Oh well, that’s how I feel & I am heart broken…I would do anything to help these families ..but what can any of us do except for speaking up, voting for those who support Israel, spending time talking about the truth of the Middle East. etcetc? So so sad today..and angry.

  25. “The tragedy” is that he isn’t (or doesn’t seem anyway) outraged and chafing to turn large parts of ham-a$$ infrastructure into parking lots, burial mounds and glass-topped tables…over the murder of an American / Israeli with dual citizenship! Now I guess I know how much my country would do for me, were I murdered in another country at hands of terrorists…

  26. The problem I see is that most of the world see’s Israelis’ as European transplants. Most are unaware that the majority of Israeli’s are refugees themselves from Arab countries and lost everything in the process. It’s amazing how history can be rewritten in people’s minds so easily. We need to reframe things beginning with this knowledge and then begin this conversation again….

  27. Did they work together?? What is the President talking about??. President Obama , Show your support by not supporting the terrorists with US Money, by condemning the boycott of Israel. Remember, Israel is only friend you have in the Middle East.

  28. U people sicken me wat the hell do u want the president to do raise the chidren from the dead..he didnt give a speach like that for his own kind travon..wat more do u want u think the life of your children is valued more than any other childs life..shut up u sound like a bunch of dam ass kids..

  29. Hamas would have told Sheik Hussain Obama about the murder of the boys two weeks ago and that is why he has been silent. The Sheik funds Hamas, funds and trains ISIS/ISIL/IS and supports the Muslim Brotherhood right across the region. This man has the blood of innocents on his hands and his support has emboldened the murderous muslims accross the globe! why is it that so many muslim groups and governments are declaring the fortold Great Caliphate! Sheik Obama is the one destabilizing the region; Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and now working on Israel! Watch out friends!

  30. Of course the only reason he’s made any statement at all is to make sure Israel doesn’t blow those SOB’s off the map. Wouldn’t want to hurt the brotherhood right? Where was his concern three weeks ago when the boys went missing, NOT A WORD! You hypocrite! God has a special place for you in the lake of fire!

  31. Israel needs to protect their people from these horrendous acts. It is one thing for an politician who is across the ocean saying to refrain. It is another thing when it is in your country. Israel must act in the way they feel protects their people.

  32. no more no less we will see pres. Obama was hopesless in this setuation..let us see what God do for this kind of ungodly act..remember what God promised fot abraham and his descendant ..THOSE WHO BLESSED IRAEL WILL BE BLESSED BUT THOSE WHO CURSE ISRAEL SHALL BE CURSED …Israel enemy will God enemy…

  33. Hey Obama..they are not your boys..Where was your mouth and words over the past few weeks..Silence. Just like you. Only open your Muslim mouth when it concerns your brother Muslims…You have done more damage than one can imagine.. Take your feckless dupe Kerry and go off…..

  34. Why does he mention the palestinian authority in the same sentence as Israel? The PA and their partners Hamas are to blame for this horrific murder of 3 young men. Obama always makes sure he defends the PA, which means he defends Hamas as well, they are one and the same. He defends terrorists because he is one of them. He brings this same mentality to America. He truly has no love or care for Israel. The PA mourn? Israel mourns only for her beloved lost sons. To many to keep counting. Soooo sad!

  35. Mr. President America is partly responsible! Israel cannot negotiate with this mentality that kidnaps, and murders children. Arabs do not restrain themselves from such hatred caused by themselves. They are also willing to sacrifice their own. Imagine what life could be like for these filthy Arabs if they only wanted quality of life instead of terrorism and tyranny!

  36. If that were his family that were killed he would call war. He would wipe every last stinking one of them off the face of the earth, but because it is Israel that has lost it’s boys he is saying they shouldn’t retaliate… Don’t think so… Make them pay Israel.

  37. That’s all obama does is kill innocent children by his terror plots he makes in his room! That’s all that comes from him is his evil way of his satanic back view! Nothing but a SINNER IN OBAMA! PLUS obama can’t heal no one and has no proof under his belt! He 100% full blunt “LIAR” THAT’S ALL THAT COMES FROM OBAMA NOTHING BUT LIES! HE NOT EVEN IN THE BIBLE ANYWHERE! DID HE SEE THAT? BECAUSE HE GOT NO BRAINS IN ANY HUMAN POINT OF THEIR DEVIL VIEW OF THE WORLD! REMEMBER THEIR THE DEVIL IN A SUIT SCREAMING ALL TYPES OF SCAMS! THEIR IS “NO” GOOD IN HIM ANYWHERE!!!


  39. Isreal should take ‘mean steps’ 2rid Gaza of terrorists nd make sure she Puts them 2flight neva 2regroup again.its so sad they killed our boys.xo xo devilish nd c dem stil Pummeling Sderot wif more mercy-arm 4 arm,bullets 4 bullets.they nid 2b tot a lesson

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