Photo Credit: Saudi Press Agency
Prince Charles during a visit to Saudi Arabia last February.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu invited Prince Charles to visit Israel when they met at the Paris conference last month, but the British nobility continues 67 years of a Royal snub to Israel, even before the “occupation”

The London Telegraph noted that Prince Charles last February visited Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


The newspaper quoted one Israeli official as saying:

We’re the only democracy in the Middle East and so you ask why do the Royals go to the Arab dictatorships around us but they don’t come here?

British royalty, including Prince Charles have paid personal visits to Israel but never on an official basis since the re-establishment of the country.

Israel has recognized Princess Alice of Battenberg, the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh and who is buried in the Mount of Olives, as one of the Righteous Among Nations” for saving a Greek Jewish family from the Nazis. Prince Phillip visited her grave 19 years ago in what the royalty took pains to term a private visit.

Queen Elizabeth told the Israeli ambassador to London 18 years she would be happy to come to Israel, but no action followed the words.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace told the Telegraph, “All overseas visits by members of the Royal family are undertaken on the advice of the British Government.”

One source explained:

Until there is a settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the Royal family can’t really go there.

That does not explain why the British monarchy never visited Israel between 1949 and 1967.



  1. Notice that England was against Jews at any moment ! Everywhere England was, this country created heap of problems : Palestine, India, Syria, Greece,Yugoslavia, Egypt, and so on! In fact, it is worth while that no British comes in Israël for instance, bécasse it would

  2. Good comment Marco!!! He isn’t married to “royalty”, his wife Camila is really a donkey…ask her to count to 10 & she will dig at the ground with her feet ( hooves) & actually get it, saying ” neah, neah, neah! The great great cousin of Mr Ed!!!!!!!!

  3. This is perfidious and anti Semitic Britain all over again !
    They will support the oil sheiks ,whether they are righteous or not and will use Israel to benefit from their technology while at the same time scorning and deriding the one democracy in the Middle East

  4. It's stupid & evil of the British to have been so anti-Jewish & Israel since it's Mandate following WW1.
    It's obvious there are things not right psychologically with Charles. Who in their right mind betrays a woman like Dianna & does so with such an unattractive woman?
    Anyway, Kate & William are trying very hard to be good human beings. Kate is my 12th cousin, which is really distant, but we're very slightly blood.
    I'll forward her this story to see if she wants to try to circumvent the stupid British govt.

  5. So, here's the letter I wrote Kate,
    After watching a Muslim scholar explain that the world contains 2 types of non-Muslims, People of the Book (Jews & Christians) and polytheists, and how Islam is to deal with them, I was saddened to learn that the Royal family has a history of not making official visits to Israel. If it would please, your highness, dear cousin, to consider circumventing this unpleasant silly cowardly anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, pro-Islamofascist supremacist policy, it would be truly super and reflect the truly wonderful woman you are. Israel has spared no effort, regardless of the political persuasion of its leaders, to try to come to a permanent agreement with the overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinians for 49 years, since they were left on Israel's side of the border with Jordan & Egypt in 1967. They do not deserve to be treated badly for being in the existential situation they're in with millions of overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinians on that tiny strip of land west of the Jordan River, which belongs exclusively & completely to Israel according to international law. You'll have the best time of your life in Israel, Dutchess – in the only land where God's "Eye is upon it from the beginning of the year until the end of the year." God bless you and yours, Your 12th Cousin

  6. No disgrace at all

    It has nothing at all to do with what the Royal Family want to do and they have made private visits to Israel.
    They have to abide by what the Foreign Office says.
    Officially Israel is classed as a country at war and therefore deemed unsafe for Royal travellers.

  7. G-d almighty how come there are so many ignorant people here.

    It has nothing at all to do with what the Royal Family want to do and they have made private visits to Israel.
    They have to abide by what the Foreign Office says.
    Officially Israel is classed as a country at war and therefore deemed unsafe for Royal travellers.

  8. Mrs. Finn, it is admirable that you are such an avid royalist and supporter of the British Royalty, but this is such a silly and senseless discussion! Who needs your "Royals" in Israel, anyway? Is it not enough that the British watched coolly, before Israel was established, when over 70 doctors and nurses in a convoy from Hadassah hospital were killed in cold blood by Arabs? And that they would not let ships with refugees dock at the shores of Israel, but sent them back to Nazi atrocities?
    the heyday of the British Empire is long gone – what is left is a country with an old cold puppet-queen who has no will to cede her place to her aging son, nothing to say whatsoever and her family that she has not had one bit of joy from. All her children were divorced, their affairs were forever in the headlines and they are not too bright either…
    Let prince Charles go on thinking it is romantic to dress up as Laurence of Arabia and stay in rainy and foggy England. We neither want nor need him in our modern, democratic and sunny country!

  9. Are we referring to a member of the royal family from the country that violated the explicit rules of the Mandate it was responsible for administering? Rules like facilitating Jewish immigration to the region and developing institutions for eventual sovereignty?

    Is it the same country that trained and led the army of one of the five countries that invaded the newly declared Jewish state with declared genocidal intent?

    Is it the same country that maintained an arms embargo against Israel but not its enemies?

    Yes, Yes, and Yes.

    Why expect anything different from the British?

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