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Who says you can’t sit in the opposition and do something positive?

MK Danny Atar (Zionist Union) has proposed legislation that would allow women in their third trimester to park in handicapped parking spots.


As of now, 22 Knesset members have signed on to proposal, including MKS from the Zionist Union, Meretz, Likud, Yirael Beytenu and Kulanu.

Atar explained that he realized the legislation was needed after his pregnant parliamentary aide arrived in the office in pain and discomfort from having to park and walk to work from so far away.

The law would make life easier for 150,000 pregnant Israeli women every year.

Pregnant women would receive their special parking permits starting from their third trimester, and they would be valid until one month after their due date. Some might say that’s worth even more than government child-support stipends. My wife would agree.

Currently the government has issued around 200,000 handicapped parking permits. This would add an additional 40,000 permits at any given time.

The only negative consequence of the law might be, where are all the handicapped people going to park?



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