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Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani in Gaza.

So here is a sad little story.

Qatari Sports Investments, which, the Jerusalem Post learned, is a “100-percent Qatari private shareholding company specializing in sports and leisure industries, with the goal of investing in profit-bearing projects within Qatar and internationally.”


So it’s not a big deal that QSI companies have such an aversion (there’s a calm word) to Israel, that they don’t list the country even when Israeli teams are engaging in sports which QSI companies otherwise are covering.

Except it is a big deal when a QSI company, beIN Sports, administers Fox Sports – Middle East. Everyone in the Middle East who wanted to watch Fox Sports utilized a drop-down menu listing all the countries in the Middle East, and when the sports teams from those countries were playing. That is, until Thursday, Sept. 11.

Because the Jerusalem Post noticed that Israel was not one of the choices on the menu. “Palestine” – which is not a country – was listed, but Israel – which is a country – was not.

Following the paper’s inquiry to the Fox Broadcasting Network, the website was changed. However, instead of adding Israel, the list disappeared altogether. Rather than include Israel on a list of countries which exist and which have sports teams, Fox Network’s forced contortion was to no longer list any country. That’s how much Qatar cannot tolerate even the listing of the name of the Jewish State.

Now the games are listed simply according to Greenwich Mean Time, thereby inconveniencing everybody.

Foreign Minister spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon explained to the Jerusalem Post why the issue matters so much.

This issue is not as trivial as it might seem at first, Nahshon said. “We are engaged in a long fight against people, organizations and interests who want to delegitimize Israel,” he said.

“Each small step adds up to a very large picture, and we have to be vigilant,” he said. “No fight is too small, because small steps against Israel have an incremental effect and leave the impression that there is something wrong and illegitimate with us.”


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  1. One missile into downtown Doha and these creeps will get back in their holes. Qatar is a little sand trap which should be whittled down to its real size. So long as they finance terrorism against Israel they should feel what it's like.

  2. Once again I say – take the World Cup away from them. If any Arab countries lose in the Cup, are we going to hear that it was a Zionist led conspiracy? Qatar is just another Muslim country populated by pieces if human excrement. If Obama or Bibi had enough brains, they would join together and nuke every Muslim country with no apologies.

  3. Jewish people can invent anything,. You are so smart. Come up with something that can only come from Israel, keep, it top secret, and make it something everyone in the world wants 🙂 kinda like the invention of smart phones 🙂 m

  4. have you ever seen the game, like Chinese whispers, you tell one person a piece of information and then tell another a different version, and then let it circulate about the room, wait a while and when it gets back to you it has changed several times, so you choose to act on a truth or a lie, depending on who is telling the story, Qatar are very much like that, they are doing the stirring between Israel and the other Arab states, many see through it, they have vast sums of money and hidden wealth, but in the end their little game will bring them unstuck, Israel is on to them and certain people within the Qatar government are at risk of meeting with Mossard.

  5. Israel should carpet bomb Qatar and take over the oil fields. The place is filled with evil terrorist supporters. The world would be a much better place if Qatar no longer existed, and the oil fields belonged to Israel.

    The Emir of Qatar should be placed in the Tel Aviv zoo. What a great idea!!!

  6. To hate people like Qatar hates Israel, shows what sick and diseased minds they have. When Israel has given them no reason other than they are a Jewish country, shows the bitterness and evil that is in their souls. The Muslims are distorters of truth and won't even let the Palestinian refugees live in their country, yet they list Palestine as a country in the drop down list. What disgusting hypocrites!

  7. Alan. Im thinking they get their sporys thru Fox in Israel. I wouldnt think the fox news station, one tv station here , which is an extreme conservarive christian channel would be is owned by these guys. ? Do you? Guess we need to look up who Fox news is owned by. But Arabs ? Im guessing no.

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