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Rabbi Zalman Melamed

( The dean of Beit El Yeshiva, Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed, has harsh things to say against the “Rabbi from the North,” a National-Religious yeshiva dean accused of rape, indecent assault and threats against women who came to him for spiritual advice.

The accused, who on Wednesday was remanded to 8 days in prison, insists on keeping his name out of the media, and has appealed to Israel’s supreme court to extend the gag order against revealing his identity.


In a private class he gave at his yeshiva, which was recorded and played on Israel Radio, Rabbi Melamed can be heard recommending that the “Rabbi from the North” should commit suicide.

“If someone feels he has a weakness, such a man—if he had a willingness inside himself to confront it—first thing, he should have sought counsel.” But if “a person cannot resist the evil inclination? Let him kill himself rather than sin. He can’t do such wicked things! Why destroy people, hurt women?” Rabbi Melamed told his students.

Rabbi Melamed was one of the closest students of the late Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, son of Chief Rabbi Avraham Izthak Kook, and dean of the Merkaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem, the prime institution of religious Zionism. He leads the yeshiva in Beit El, in Benjamin Region, near Ramallah, and is regarded as the authoritative leader in the town of Beit El, as well.

In 1988, Rabbi Melamed was involved in launching a pirate radio station, named Arutz Sheva, on a boat outside Israeli territorial water, at a time when broadcasting not authorized by the state was prohibited. After the radio boat was raided by Israeli police, Melamed turned it into one of the most popular Jewish websites.

“It’s like a murder,” Rabbi Melamed continued his teaching regarding the “Rabbi from the North,” noting that “a person who is driven by his murderous nature, and cannot control himself, we must kill him. He must kill himself, commit suicide. He has become a ‘rodef’ (Heb: predator), you must kill the rodef.”

Jewish law sanctions the killing of a person who is clearly in pursuit of another human being with the unmistakable intent of killing them.

At a meeting for the students of the Northern Rabbi, held Thursday in his yeshiva in Tsfat the city’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, shared with the audience how hard it had been for him to reach a decision to share the scandalous news with students.

“We concluded that we had no choice but to expose the story to the yeshiva,” Rabbi Eliahu said. “We must not allow this malignant tumor to stay inside us, we must eradicate it.”



  1. what a shocking response to a shocking situation.
    Does the man accused of sexually molesting a number of women , not deserve a fair trial and psychological treatment and if found guilty , given an appropriate sentence?
    The consequences of the suggestion that the accused rabbi should not be given the chance of doing teshuva, that his life is worthless , that healing is impossible , is an horrendous response.
    This is a merciless, harsh, holier -than- thou world outlook , that could only bring harm to the people of Israel .It certainly does not resonate with a People who are described as rachmanim bnei rachmanim.Where would such an approach lead? Only to the withering of the Jewish ethic of justice and mercy.What have we come to! And I refer to both the alleged accusation of sexual abuse and the knee jerk response from certain sources.

  2. yes well since a rabbi in Israel is held in high esteem, then how are women suppose to act in situaltions like this, Hit them over the head, and suffer the consequence of being put out of the synagogue, It is a terrible thing for a rabbi to use his position to intimidate women.

  3. A mikveh-peeping rabbi, rabbis caught in shady business dealings, rabbis with known immoral sexual actions who are protected by their communities; these shandas fur die goy are causing damage to all of us.
    They give anti-Semites and people on the fence reasons to paint us all with the same brush. After all, their favorite lead-in is "Jews all (whatever) . . . . "

  4. Except that that's not what he said.
    He said that if the Rabbi feels that he cannot control himself and knows he will continue to commit those terrible actions then it is better for him to commit suicide than to harm another woman.

    I would think that women's support groups would actually see this as a worthy statement. He is effectively saying that rape is equivalent to murder. Surely he should be applauded rater than castigated.

  5. Rabbis are human and like all humans are subjected to the same transgression as non-rabbis, same transgression a the priests who molested children, Irish nuns who abused women in their care. Rabbis are human and humans have frailties, faults, and temptations guided by the dark side have the wins ever now and again.

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