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Terrorists car in ramming attack - June 24, 2016

A female terrorist drove her car head first into an Israeli car near the Kiryat Arba gas station at the Elias Junction, at 2:48 PM.

According to the IDF, the terrorist accelerated her car towards the hitchhiking post and rammed a car that was waiting there.


An Israeli husband and wife in their fifties were injured and have been taken to Sharei Tzedek hospital. They are listed as lightly injured.

An IDF soldier at the scene opened fire and killed the terrorist.

The attack begins at 0:21 into the video:


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  1. El Elohay Yisrael be praised for His constant watchful eye AND the watchful eye of the soldiers! El Roi the G-d who sees will see all that is going on and will watch over His people Israel until Messiah comes and briings peace to Jerusalem and all th world. Shabbat Shalom. May El Raphe bring speedy recovrery to any who were hurt and release them from trauma. Amen.

  2. In the US, Osama Obama calls it an accident and launches a federal proble into the killing of a Moslem woman. We call it another stupid Moslem trying to kill or terrorism. A 45 degree turn, when 100 feet in front of her car there is the turnaround, is an accident? You must be on the Obama potion. Another democratic idiot.

  3. Kathleen McCune There are a certain group of people who are basically responsible for turning their guns on each other in America. Lately, we have been having a number of Muslims turning guns on Americans, but our government doesn't like to acknowledge it.

  4. Actually scientific studies of Muslims/Arabs have shown severe deficits in certain brain functions and in those areas of the brain governing emotions. This has been attributed to 1400 years of consanguinity resulting in a gene pool that has been badly decimated and scientists doubt if recovery is even possible.
    Muslims also have highest rate of serious birth defects.

  5. Kathleen McCune most gun owning Americans that are the good ones do not use them on each other. We can't keep the people from buying them illegally. My husband and I both own guns and licensed to carry. But we are responsible people with them. You can't believe everything you see on the news or internet. Do you know knives killed more people then guns? These terrorists don't just need guns, there are other ways for mass killings. We are given this right by our Constitution for foreign and domestic enemies.

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