Photo Credit: Regavim / MailOnline
Illegal construction by the European Union of a Palestinian Authority Arab school near the Jewish community of Adam, north of Jerusalem, in Area C.

by Jonathan Benedek

Monitoring group Regavim is objecting to comments made by State Department Spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau on April 1 condemning Israel for demolishing an illegally-built EU school east of Jerusalem. Trudeau said that the demolitions “call into question the Israeli government’s commitment to a two-state solution.”


“The State Department condemned Israel for demolishing school structures that Israel’s courts have ruled were illegal. This was certainly an Israeli domestic issue regarding its own rule of law,” Regavim International Director Ari Briggs told Tazpit.

“We felt we needed to respond when a foreign power, who is supposedly Israel’s friend, weighs in on a domestic issue in a way it would never do with any other country in the world,” Briggs explained.

Briggs added that he sees no connection whatsoever between Israel’s occasional demolition of illegal structures built by the EU and Israel’s commitments to a two-state solution with the Palestinian Authority.

“I don’t see any connection between whatever commitment Israel makes on the political front to its enforcement of the law,” Briggs stressed. “We are talking about structures funded by foreign countries like the European Union being demolished after Israeli courts find them to be illegal.”

Moreover, Briggs pointed out mistaken references by the State Department to other demolitions not even related to illegal Palestinian structures in Judea and Samaria.

“Whenever they hear the word ‘demolition,’ they use their stock answer,” Briggs said, referring to an earlier condemnation of Israel’s demolition of illegal Bedouin structures in the Negev region by State Department Spokesperson John Kirby on March 4.

“The journalist who asked the question was talking about a demolition in the Negev and not in Judea and Samaria,” Briggs noted.

Briggs added that the State Department’s comments were made despite apparent EU violations of the Oslo Accords signed between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the 1990s. The Oslo Accords, to which the EU was a signatory party, stated that changes and modifications to the status of territories and borders would only be made through negotiations and not through unilateral actions.

“The EU uses the Oslo Accords endlessly to condemn Israel yet it has no interest in ensuring that the terms of the Oslo Accords are kept by the Palestinians,” argued Briggs. “The EU has total disdain for the Oslo Accords as it attempts to build a Palestinian state unilaterally without any negotiations.”



  1. Were a foreign entity like the EU to illegally build housing on public land in the US, it would be promptly -and rightfully- demolished and the foreign entity sent packing manu militari. Kerry has no business criticizing the Israeli government for doing exactly what the US government would do in the same circumstances.

  2. There will never be a 2state solution no matter how many times Kerry comes to Israel . There will never be a two state solution as long as Abbas is either alive or in command. He will never, Never let it happen, he will lose his source of income of he agrees to create one, and anyone who pays attention knows it.

  3. Well done Israel, you removed the illegal buildings, quite rightly so. The EU needs a mouthwash, what nonesence that Israel has spoilt the 2 state solution. The so called Palestine is never going to agree and is committed to killing everyone in sight anyway. EU people are a disgrace with their constant misuse of the truth.

  4. W Bush, then Obama, have only succeeded in destabilizing an already volatile Middle East. The best thing Kerry can do, if he can't manage to support an ally is to go home and play with his sailboat like a true blue blood. In other words, get out of the Middle East you moron, you have no idea what you're doing.

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