A mob of dozens of Palestinian Authority rock-throwers injured five Jews on the road from Tekoa, in eastern Gush Etzion, to Jerusalem Tuesday morning. At least one of the victims was evacuated by ambulance, and his condition was described as good.

The mob, which included women and children, smashed windshields with large rocks in an effort to cause fatal accidents. Six cars sustained damage.


One driver said he lost control of his vehicle but managed to keep from crashing and from hitting the attackers.

Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene and dispersed the attackers.



  1. Israel is at it again. Why disburse the attackers, why not SHOOT the attackers. Perhaps a bullet in the backside will convince these animals that throwing rocks is not a positive activity for an afternoon. The driver missed the rock throwers, perhaps if he hit a few with his car, things might have changed for the better. Jewish People in Israel are really crazy.

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