Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
Medics treat a policeman who was injured at Shaar Shechem in Jerusalem on Shabbat, Oct. 10, 2015.

Dozens of different attacks involving infiltrations, rocks, firebombs and shootings were registered over Shabbat.

In 2 stabbing attacks, 3 policemen were injured, and two Jewish men wer injured.


Stabbing attack #1: Arab attacker stabbed two policeman after they stopped to check him. One policeman was slashed in the neck. Despite their injuries they managed to shoot at the terrorist. Additional policemen in the area also shot at the terrorist. The terrorist was then shot and killed. But 2 additional policemen were shot and wounded in the crossfire.

Stabbing attack #2: Around 10:30 Am in Jerusalem. Two Jewish men, both in their 60s, were stabbed by a 16-year-old Arab terrorist. The terrorist was shot and killed.

Two rockets were launched from Gaza. No injuries or damage were reported.

An Iron Dome has been set up in Be’er Sheva.

The family of Shomron head Yossi Dagan were released from the hospital.
Their car was attacked by Arabs on Friday afternoon, and Dagan’s wife and children were injured.

Arab infiltrated the Negohot community in the Hevron area. IDF soldier shot the terrorist before he attacked anyone. Reportedly the terrorist was armed with a gun and a knife.

Arabs rioting near Kever Rachel.

3 reserve Border Police units have been called up (Tzav 8).

More details to follow.


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  1. These Muslim Terrorists are coordinated via Smart phones supplied by the 'fake' PA who were invened 50 years ago by Arafat.

    Abbas and his cronies are responsible for suplying the smart phones to the youth who could never afford them on their own !!!

    We are at war with these Muslims who are brain washed and indoctrinated from birth to follow the dictates of the Koran and to revere Death and Martyrdom instead of Life and Liberty .

    The only way to win this Islamic inspired WAR . Is to eliminate the enemy once and for all !!!

    The longer we wait the worse it must get !!!

  2. Zero tolerance for rock-throwing must be instituted immediately and Arab communities warned that – regardless of age – the rock-throwing groups will be cleared by whatever means necessary. They must continue to demolish homes and close businesses of those who participate in terror. Insurrection that threatens death to civilians, and soldiers forced to keep the peace, CANNOT BE TOLERATED. Israel cannot bow down to the Western expectations of her – standards that the West would not apply to herself.

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