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France Jew in a French synagogue talks about rising anti-Semitism.

Israel is doing its part to let French Jews know they can and should come home to Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has said so explicitly, and this evening Building and Construction Minister Ariel said he would expand the settlements to absorb all the French Olim (immigrants) as he believes the Jews of France will want to live there.


France, on the other hand, is terrified of what a mass exodus of its Jews would do and mean for the country, both financially and morally.

The Prime Minister of France called on the France’s Jews this evening to not leave the country because of the terror attacks, according to Galei Tzahal.

The French Prime Minister said, “We in the midst of a war with radical Islam and are still under threat. We must stand vigilant.”



  1. Attention French Jews please stay we need your kascher golden eggs for the multicultural souffle that we have concocted to puff up our national lack of crédibilité, fraternité, etc. etc., and all that crap.

  2. Let the Prime Minister of France tell this to the parents of 7-year old Miriam Monsenago. Last year this beautiful little girl had her pony tail grabbed by an Islamic terrorist, in her school year, he then shot the little girl in the face killing her.

  3. I really hope all French Jews make Aliyah to Israel, because in France one does not know their enemies, but in Israel everybody knows who is the enemy and where they are ! I guess Israel is a much saver place right now. I wish every French Jew wisdom in what they choose, safety and a great life. G-d bless them all and all Jews anywhere else in this world. Shalom from Holland !

  4. No less than the ultimate proponent of Jewish assimilation into European society, Theodore Herzl, concluded, after witnessing the ugly Dreyfus Affair as an Austrian journalist stationed in Paris, that Jews will not be able to live in peace and security in Europe and will need their own homeland in order to have such blessings, which is all we Jews have ever wanted. His conclusion has never been more "spot on" than it is today.

  5. France deserves what they have. They let the radicals in, didn't curtail the antisemetic attacks on the Jews. Jews, leave the French with their radical Muslims. Leave and start anew; you'll be successful wherever you go. The French will not protect you.

  6. Go back to Israel now French Jews, in one hand the French prime minister says that, stay, be our friend, French words have always been as sweet as their wine, Even before the last Holocaust, but on the other hand the French Prime Minister paints another ugly picture by supporting a Palestinian state and saying as long as he is Prime Minister he will never acknowledge Netanyahu, I read in the news today that British Jews said they no longer feel they have a safe future in England anymore, God is calling you back from the four corners of the Earth and He is not going to stop until every last one of His people are safe back in the Land of Israel,

  7. France and anti-Semitism have walked hand in hand for a very long time. During WWII, when the Germans marched into Paris, France said, "Don't hurt us. Here – take the Jews!" Now, they don't want the Jews to leave, because it would mean financial disaster for them. Screw France, screw the French, and screw their anti-Semitism. I hope they and their musim buddies will live miserably ever after!

  8. It's true that the loss of French Jews by emigration could be a definite gain for other Jewish communities around the world. Small Jewish communities in different parts of Canada have actively been seeking to attract Jewish immigrants to their locations. My guess is this resettlement program in Canadian Jewish communities will accelerate.

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