Photo Credit: Yishai Abergil / TPS
Tzomet HaGush Terror Attack - March 18, 2016

Initial reports of a stabbing attempt at the Gush Etzion junction on Friday afternoon, just after 3 PM.

The terrorist has been killed. A second terrorist has been captured, according to a Hatzalah Yo”sh report.


The terrorist had gotten out of a car and approached some soldiers to stab them. A soldier and a citizen shot the terrorist before anyone could be injured.

Two more terrorists connected to the attack were arrested, according to a Rotter report.

An Arab who was filming the attack has also been arrested, possibly under suspicion that he was filming the attack with advance knowledge.


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  1. “Yes, shoot.” And paraphrasing IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, who said “not to empty an ammunition clip,” we should say, “Yes, the entire clip.” Don’t shoot someone who is already on the ground, or anyone who has thrown down their weapon and put up their hands, but until they’re wounded and subdued and cuffed, shoot repeatedly.

  2. Israel will introduce the death penalty when you move to a mile next to the gaza border,and do army service every second month!, luckily your visa will not be accepted at the border or airport, we have enough meshugeners….

  3. Ora Cooper You are not there so you don't know how it feels. The Israeli people are not getting up in the morning and looking for a neighbor to kill. But they also don't want to be killed and putting a killer terrorists in jail does not stop the chain of terror.

  4. It took a long time for the nations to admit there is presently a genocide of the Christians in the Middle East , and it brings back the times of the Middle Ages and testifies why there were the Crusades , as the response to the Islamic Conquest of Europe and the world, in that time, no different than today but the propaganda spin made the guilt upon the Christians. And the Jews did not love the truth, they loved the lie, if that was good propaganda for them as well, as the Jews were the allies of the Caliphate of Islam, but today they are enemies

  5. I BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE, FOR WHATEVER REASON, REVISED HISTORY – the Jews were subjects of the caliphate after having had done to them what is now being done to every non-muslim peoples. I believe that is quite different from being an ally

  6. Ora Cooper – you've got everything wrong. You did not comprehend what I wrote. Even in your comment on Purim you neglected to consider that I might also celebrate and live passionately with a smile.

    Search for the following. jihad watch islam 101

    Search for the following: "Learn about Islam. That is the most important thing for people to do. Learn who it is that you are not." – Samuel Lurie

  7. Ora Cooper Don't you ever learn? In the past ten years several thousand Arabs were released in prisoner exchanges. Have you heard of Sami Kuntar? Terrorists do not deserve jail. They deserve death, not arrest and if arrested a gallow. The Jew in Israel, is not supposed to act like a European Jew.

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