Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
Gunshots shatter a bus stop in Beersheva Central Bus Station terror attack.

An IDF Golani soldier has died of his wounds and eleven others were wounded after an Arab terrorist armed with a knife in his backpack entered the Central Bus Station in Be’er Sheva shortly before 8 pm Sunday evening.

The attacker stabbed an IDF soldeir and grabbed his M-16 rifle and began firing into the crowd of passengers waiting to travel to various locations.


Nearly all of the wounded were people in their twenties, officials said.

By 8:29 pm the bus station — a central hub in the Negev — was evacuated and sealed, with all public transportation shut down in the city amid fears by security personnel that additional terrorists could be at large. By 10:30 pm those fears were largely dispelled, although security forces were still hunting for a taxi that had run a checkpoint shortly after the attack.

Two of the wounded were still in very critical condition. Two others were in serious condition, four were listed in fair condition and one is in good condition. Four of the victims are police officers.

At least seven other people were hospitalized for trauma and shock. All were taken to the city’s Soroka Medical Center.

The sole terrorist was shot and killed by security forces at the scene. An Eritrean citizen who was initially also assumed to be a terrorist was critically wounded and was undergoing surgery.

The security guard who shot the Eritrean citizen said in his initial interrogation after the incident that he was convinced the man was a terrorist: “I saw him running toward me, not hiding like the others, so I shot him,” he told the Hebrew-language Ma’ariv newspaper.



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  1. Why did you take the terrorist to the hospital? Kill him! When someone comes to kill, he should be killed. Think that you will rehabilitate his mind after years of brain washing? He is laughing at what fools you are.And you are, Next he could come and kill you.

  2. You Israeli´s can be so proud of the people defending you against these maniacs !! the guy whom eventuallyshot him the girl soldier securing , amazing what a heroes ! I do not see this happening anywhere in Europe ! chapeau for all of you defending your own !

  3. Eliyahu Ben Abraham, am I wrong, or are you calling the Jewish soldiers "terrorists?" The one who had the M16 taken from him, and the one who accidently killed the migrant thinking he was also a terrorist? If I'm wrong I apologize in advance, but I'm asking about your thinking because there was only one terrorist in the article.

  4. I'm sorry to hear of the soldier's death and send prayers to his family and friends; I also pray the wounded heal quickly and completely, with minimal pain.

    The death of the migrant is tragic, and the blame is on the hands of the terrorist. I would not like to be in the shoes of the soldier who had to make that snap decision, only to learn it was a mistake. Condolences, also, to the family and friends of that man, also.

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