Photo Credit: / Haoyev Meibifnim
Border Police running to the scene of the terror attack - Nov. 29, 2015

A Border Policeman was stabbed and lightly injured around 7:44 AM on Sunday morning by an Arab terrorist. The attack happened on Hagai (Valley) street in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Arab terrorist approached 2 policemen, yelled “Allahu Achbar” and stabbed one of the policeman in the neck. The policeman was taken to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital. He is moderately injured and is conscious.


The policemen engaged the terrorist just as a group of 20 Jewish children were passing by, meters away, on their way to school, and it appears a much worse attack was averted, according to a TPS report.

The terrorist was shot and killed.

The terrorist was a resident of Shechem (Nablus), age 38.

Hagai Street is a main road that runs between the Kotel Plaza to the Damascus Gate (Shaar Shechem). The attack happened near the Damascus Gate.

The attack happened close to where Aharon Bennet (Banita) and Nechemiah Lavi were murdered this year by an Arab terrorist.


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  1. New law..

    1) if you hurt a jew you will die..
    2) all your belongings and your family belongings will become property of victims family.
    3) your house and family houses will be blown-up… the lands will be sold and proceeds will go to victims family.
    4) stabbers masque will be shut down and will become property of state.
    5) family members and their offsprings can never enter israel again…
    6) if family members own businesses they will be auctioned all proceeds will go to victims family.

    You do this couple of times and hopefully number of stabbings will drop.

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