Photo Credit: Flash 90
Israeli security forces at the scene of a stabbing attack in the northern city of Nahariya Friday night.

A 16-year-old Arab terrorist stabbed a Border Police officer Friday night in Nahariya, located n the Mediterranean Coast n northwest Israel, and a Palestinian Authority woman tried to knife soldiers at a checkpoint in Samaria Saturday morning.

No shots were fired at the terrorists, both of whom were arrested.


The Arab who stabbed the police officer, who suffered moderate wounds, escaped and later was arrested. He claimed he stabbed the victim in self-defense during an argument between them.

The stabbing attempt by the Palestinian Authority female terrorist at a crossing near Shechem was foiled by soldiers.

An Israeli army spokesperson said a “suspect approached a soldier with a knife in hand.”

Below is a video of the stabbing attack in Nahariya as it happened.



  1. It seems too many family members "didn't know" what was going on in the next room. Never mind getting the other occupants out. After a few families pay the price, maybe others will pay closer attention. Same goes for those apartments with missle launchers in the basement. They didn't know? Gimme a break!

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