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Donald Trump, running to be the Republican nominee for president

Donald Trump said Wednesday that President Barack Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran was his “amateur hour” and that the deal will be re-negotiated if the real-estate mogul is elected to the White House.

Trump wrote in an op-ed in USA Today:

It is hard to believe a president of the United States would actually put his name on an agreement with the terrorist state Iran that is so bad, so poorly constructed and so terribly negotiated that it increases uncertainty and reduces security for America and our allies, including Israel.
It was amateur hour for those charged with striking this deal with Iran, demonstrating to the world, yet again, the total incompetence of our president and politicians. It appears we wanted a deal at any cost rather than following the advice of Ronald Reagan and walking away because ‘no deal is better than a bad deal.’


Trump assumed he will be the next president of the United States and said that he “will renegotiate with Iran — right after I enable the immediate release of our American prisoners and ask Congress to impose new sanctions that stop Iran from having the ability to sponsor terrorism around the world.”

He will be one of the most boisterous and photographed leaders at an anti-deal rally Wednesday at the Capitol.

The Republican candidate’s continuing popularity, in the face of all predictions that he is a passing fad, is scaring the hell out of challengers, who no longer can ignore him and have been forced into criticizing him, giving him even more publicity and attention.

Jeb Bush said Trump cannot be trusted to deal with Iran, and he posted a video of Trump praising then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Bush’s going on the attack of past declarations is one of the weakest possible strategies. The GOP candidates are going to have to do a lot of soul-searching and come up with the something better in order to stop the Trump train.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. look who is calling the kettle black! The Don told CNN he learned everything he needs to know about the roll and behavior of a president fromTelevision ! I suppose when he becomes prez the 1rst order of the day would be to replace all the former Presidents official portraits with mirrors and if we will object "we are fired!"…

  2. Haven’t you been listening to Obama? If you want Peace in the Middle East all that has to happen is for Israel to stop building homes for Jews.

    As soon as we stop construction, the Syrians will stop murdering each other, ISIS will open an ice cream stand, Iran will abandon all weapons, nuclear and conventional, Egypt will stop shooting people at public rallies, Libya will open a series of Middle Eastern Culinary school, Yemen’s civil war will become an Arabic Woodstock. and Iraq will blossom into an idyllic Western style democracy with justice and liberty for all.

  3. Trump has no idea of what the deal says because he has never read t! If it is such a bad deal what does he think his deal will be? Does he think that he will get everything he wants without giving up anything? Is he so ignorant that he has forgotten there are several other of the most powerful countries in the world who have approved this deal. The deal is done and cannot be stopped. Does he really think anyone wlll deal with him when he says he is going to use nuclear weapons in Iran's back yard. Do you think that American Generals told him what he said they told him including to use nuclear weapons to bomb ISIS. He is lying because NO general would ever dicsuss soemthing like that especially with an gnorant fool like Trump!

  4. Bernie Sanders: Billionaire Cartel Hijacks Democracy in America!

    Watch Bernie Sanders address Congress in this amazing YouTube video on billionaires stuffing money into Super Pacs and the Supreme Court Citizens United decision work together to destroy our democracy! One wealthy family, the Koch Brothers will spend $900 million dollars on this election; more than both the Democratic and Republican parties combined! We are not living in a democracy; we are living in an oligarchy!

    Bernie Sanders on YouTube:

  5. These comments are hilarious. For starters, NONE of the candidates seem like a wise choice. Now, hmm, if I were to choose between the terrorist-loving, Jew-hating Obama, and Trump the clowntrepreneur… I'd say the answer is obvious. The lesser of two evils is always the better choice in my book.

  6. Trump is an ignorant idiot! He has NEVER negotiated with anyone on the international stage! He has lied about beating the Chinese or the Mexicans as he has never negotiated anything with them! He might have sold an apartment to a person who is Chinese and got close to or even got his asking price and that is his claim to beating the Chinese. He does not get involvd with any dealing with foreign makers or countries in his clothing line as he is only the name behind the label and has nothing to do with styleing or manufaturing! He has done nothing but lied to everyone. Even he will tell you in order for a deal to be good, you need to be able to compromise and if you have nothing to give, you are not going to get everything! He is NOT EVER GOING TO GET MEXICO TO PAY TO PUT UP A FENCE ON THE BORDER. Just more lies that may sound good but will never happen! Lastly, when he tells you that Mexico or China steals out jobs, that is another whopper of a lie! They do not steal our jobs, we give them to us! That is the facts!

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