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The terrorist in Netanya.

A Haredi man, 40 and a woman, 62, were injured, one seriously, one mildly, in a stabbing attack by a terrorist on Shoham Street near Sheshet Hayamim Street near the Netanya open market area. The two victims, one of them Haredi, were treated by MDA and evacuated to Laniado hospital. One woman was treated for panic attack.

Laniado hospital reported that one victim was stabbed in the back, the other in the chest.


The terrorist,  a resident of the Tul Karem area in Samaria, was shot dead by an armed civilian.

Following the attack large police forces under the command of Central District Commander Moti Cohen arrived on the scene and closed off the area. The suspected terrorist who was already dead on the ground was stripped of his jeans and black shirt to make sure he was not carrying explosives on his body.


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  1. How we must pray for G_d`s people, Israel. There has to be an end to this terror. Yes it will end when Yeshua returns (as He promised) but in the meantime the world must aid your self protection without you having to shut yourself in and forget your friends (even when so many let you down )

  2. I’m glad he’s dead. One more down. Too many more to go. :_( I *never* thought I would be driven to the point of saying that about any human being, but I’m well past that point now. DIE, G-D DAMN YOU BASTARDS! And leave us and our children ALONE!!!!! 🙁

  3. Actually, Obama will say, "What the World needs now is Love, Sweet Love". Obama insists the Quran is words of Peace. Apparently, he never read it! It surprises me since he was raised as a Muslim. There is NO way anyone can justify the cowardly Murder of a 13 year old child and daily Attempted Murders & Murders. No Lone Wolfe! Packs of cowardly wolves that must be exterminated! The Wolves are called Radical ISLAMIST Terrorists, Mr. Obama! ISLAMISTS!
    Kill or imprison every Arab Attacker & his/her Family. Bulldoze all the houses. Watch Gaza & Left Bank crumble. Wipe out all the Squatters and build WALLS! Yup! I said Walls!

  4. Yaakov Zelig, with or without anesthesia?

    I have a friend who did dental work at OPP (Orleans Parish Prison) and one prisoner made the mistake about telling my buddy about how he enjoyed killing his wife just before several extractions…… it was a very very long healing process. 😉

  5. There should be a giant trench dug in Israel, the bottom of it soaked in pig blood, then salted so that nothing will ever grow. All terrorists should be cremated and their filthy ashes thrown in the trench. No more housing them until their release is secured by negotiations forced on Israel by the US. The Palestinian pigs will never return the bodies of the Jews they have stolen. Don't worry about what their retaliation will be if Jewish soldiers are captured by them because we all know they will kill them and never return the bodies. Kill the terrorists, regardless of age. You are in a war, Israel.

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