The debate over the merits of circumcision, which seems to have stirred up a lot of talkback action on the Jewish Press website, may be taking a turn in yet another unexpected direction.

According to the website AllAfrica, the Government of Uganda is planning to circumcise 4.2 million men aged between 15 and 49 by 2015. This is because, according to the Government, this group is vulnerable to the HIV/ AIDS pandemic.


Speaking during a meeting on safe male circumcision and elimination of mother-to-child transmission (EMTCT) on Monday, the acting program manager of the country’s STD/AIDS control project, Dr. Joshua Musinguzi, said if the scale of circumcision is increased, it would reduce HIV infections.

He emphasized that circumcision is not the only form of prevention of HIV/AIDS, but part of a comprehensive package. Other means include abstinence, faithfulness and condom usage, dubbed the ABC approach.

“Circumcision is part of a major package that we are promoting in the country,” Musinguzi said.


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  1. It's not unexpected at all. Circumcision has always been an intervention looking for an excuse. (Long before Abraham it was done for magical-sexual reasons in Africa.) HIV/AIDS is only the latest in a long list of diseases it's been claimed to be good against. As one is knocked down a new one arises. The wish to cut the genitals (by men – and women- who've had their own genitals cut) comes first, the reasons are made up afterwards.

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