Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor spoke on Friday during a discussion on counter-terrorism at the UN Security Council.

In his remarks, Ambassador Prosor said terrorism to a “growth industry,” with a “business development arm” and a “human resources division.” He said:


“Chapter Seven of the United Nations Charter sets out the Security Council’s powers to maintain peace. There is no greater threat to international stability than those who use fundamentalism to advance their personal ideologies and agendas. It is time for the international community to unite and put terrorism out of business. The Security Council must further utilize Chapter Seven of the Charter to force terrorist groups to file for Chapter Seven bankruptcy. The failure to do so would be nothing less than moral bankruptcy.”

He also said:

“We face the frightening possibility that Hezbollah could soon get its hands on Syria’s vast stockpiles of chemical weapons. The threat of game-changing weapons reaching Hezbollah is substantiated by Nasrallah himself, who yesterday said – and one should listen very carefully – I quote, ‘Syria will give the resistance special weapons it never had before.’ This Council must act today, not tomorrow. We will not allow Hezbollah – and I’d like to emphasize this clearly – to test our resolve.”


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