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Nickolay Mladenov (L) with friends

The UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nickolay Mladenov, on Saturday angrily refused an invitation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend his lecture to the world organization on Jewish history. The PM’s offer came in response to a UNESCO resolution that ignored completely the Jewish history of key spots in the Old City of Jerusalem, most notably the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. According to UNESCO, both sites have always been Arab, and only Arab.

“I was shocked to hear that UNESCO adopted a decision denying any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, our holiest site,” Netanyahu said in a statement, adding, “It is hard to believe that anyone, let alone an organization tasked with preserving history, could deny this link, which spans thousands of years.”


As a measure of correcting “this historical ignorance,” the prime minister, whose late father was a prominent professor of history, offered to host a special lecture on Jewish history for all UN personnel in Israel.

Mladenov appeared deeply offended by the PM’s suggestion that his staff were uneducated. “If someone wants to issue invitations they should be sent to Paris and addressed to the ambassadors of the member-states of UNESCO there,” he said in a statement. “UN staff in Jerusalem know the history of the region, its people and religions all too well.”

It should be noted that after Israeli officials had hit the ceiling in reaction to the insulting UNESCO resolution, the organization’s chief Irina Bokova issued a statement acknowledging that “Jerusalem is a Holy Land of the three monotheistic religions, a place of dialogue for all Jewish, Christian and Muslim people.”

Perhaps Netanyahu could ask Bokova to give that free lecture.



  1. Blinders exist when it comes to seeing truth, as Bill Clinton experienced in his first sit-down with Yassar Arafat. Clinton reportedly was flabbergasted and stunned that such massive and far-reaching historical distortion was believed be such an intelligent individual. Revising history a bit to accomodate petty bias is one thing but to erase entire sequences of history as though they never existed is quite another. Mladenov sadly falls into the Arafat camp of destructive revisionistic thinking, where one imagines their preceptions of reality is necessaily actual and true. Would actually be funny if it were not so criminal.

  2. a note to UN special coordinator mr.nicolay mledenov you are so dead wrong that old city of jerusalem and the western wall and all of it has never been arab its always been jewish for thousands of years that wall is the remains of the ancient temple destroyed by the romans in AD 70 and that remains today is belonging to the jewish people it will never be arab you can tell UNESCO they need to be gone and lay thier hands off israel to stop this dumb idea of talk about arab city it never will and the god of abraham the god of issacc the god of jacob and the god of the house of israel and of king david will be upon you and UNESCO if you and them dare to threaten the jewish people in israel over the wall and the old city dont even think of touching it with your evil hands,jerusalem is the capital of israel and the jewish peoples home and is the eternal city belongs to three major faiths jewish,christian,and muslim those who support and love christian and jews not those like you, you and the staff of UNESCO are not welcome there unless you change your tone and your attitude and wake up and see the truth its right there.

  3. The problem isn't the professional staff's knowledge but their lack of integrity and courage. They cow-tow to the political leadership and delegates instead of educating and challenging them – they play "yes-men" instead of competent advisors and directors.

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