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United Nations Security Council Chamber

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously 15-0 for a resolution that sets the groundwork for ending international sanctions against Iran. The vote is a resounding show of support for President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

The UNSC resolution is legally binding and defines the steps needed to end UN sanctions. It doesn’t affect US or EU sanctions, which are being lifted separately.


The resolution goes into effect in 90 days, which is after the 60 days Congress needs to vote for or against the Iran deal.

Some members of the US Congress are upset that the UNSC voted on the deal before Congress, and some see it as President Obama’s way of bypassing Congress.

The resolution doesn’t lift then arms embargo to Iran.

The resolution states that if Iran doesn’t abide by its commitments the sanctions automatically snap back without requiring vote.


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  1. By that time they will be sitting on 100 billion usd and change. And then a couple years worth of sanctions reimposed again wont hurt when they got the nukes and they will become the biggest sellers and proliferators of nukes, NK would look like a child’s play in front of them.

  2. As an American, this whole “deal”…and I use that term VERY loosely….is a debacle and a travesty. It’s an embarrassment to the USA to even be talking to Iran about anything, much less nuclear stuff. I don’t support any of this and though I’m just one person, I apologize for my country’s involvement in this madness. It’s appalling.

  3. Bottom line. The only way to stop the deal with a Iran is to get a 2/3’s majority. You need all of the republicans and some democrats. The only way to get some democrats is to get Chuck Schumer to vote against it. I know you are being told to call your own senators, but Chuck Schumer is the key. He is going to be the next senate minority leader and the head of the Democratic Party. These calls are URGENT. If you want to stop this deal Chuck Schumer is the man to call. This is the call that will make a difference.
    Theses are his offices.
    Washington DC 202-224-6542
    Albany 518-431-4070
    NYC 212-486-4430
    Binghamton 607-772-6792
    OFFICE HOURS ARE 10:00-2:00
    Please contact your OWN senators as well especially if they are democrats. Opening up billions to a country that vows our death doesn’t really sound like a great idea. This betrayal is for money and oil. Please let your friends know. If each of us posts this 20 times we will get this done. We must do this together. We are Americans, this is not a dictatorship.

  4. The only way to peace is segregation. Help the arabs kept hostages in refugee camps for dacade move to existing arab states on east bank and start a living instead of being abused as human bombs by Qatar and Turkey. This will end the falsified “aparthide” +”genocide”+”ethnic cleansing”.

    It is absolutely insanity beyond words.
    Where are the leaders, the politicians who are supposed to protect us against such insanity!?!
    And, now, there are those calling for detention of those who disagree with the State.
    Where is my country? Where am I living?
    Why is it that this country simply cannot get it together to get rid of this cancer?
    This is a very sad, sad day.

  6. Many catholic are not happy with this pope, i am catholic and for me he is a fake pope, he is not the leader of my religion, he is pushing for the palestines and asking to divide Jerusalem when he knows damn well Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, is he in the side of the enemies of the church ? Yes he is, how many asyrian has being killing day by day, men, women, youngers even babies that ISIS uses as human bombs and this so called pope doesn’t do anything, why he doesn’t ask USA prez instead of bring muslims that don’t have our religion to bring christians, oh no, thats not so important, the most important issues are to hugh the palestenian prez or to talk about climate change or to say that all christians that have guns are not considered christians, what a POS/ COMMUNIST JESUIT! ???YOU KNOW WHAT! i don’t consider you the representation of God on earth, when i need to talk to my heaven father, i do it directly to him without no intermediate cause i stopped trusting in this pope

  7. It's scary to see where our Country is headed. It is with immense sadness that I say in all sincerity I'm glad my life time is happening now, I don't want to see what the U.S. Is looks likein another 50 years, GOD Be with us and Isreal!

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