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Marwan Barghouti

In April, the Tunisian Parliament expressed its support for the Barghouti 2016 Nobel Peace Prize nomination, and the Tunisian Human Rights League gave the Peace Prize that had been won by their country’s National Dialogue Quartet last year to Barghouti—they presented it to his wife, Fadwa, in a ceremony at the Palestinian embassy in Tunis.

Remember the name Fadwa Barghouti, also known as Umm Qasem. She’s going to be the next Winnie Mandela. She is 58, an attorney, and a long-term Fatah activist. She described her political evolution: “Prior to my husband Marwan’s arrest, I was like many other Palestinians in the sense that I empathized and stood in solidarity with the cause. However, after his arrest along with thousands of others 12 years ago, I devoted myself entirely to this cause. I launched a grassroots movement demanding the release of Marwan Barghouti and all other prisoners. I devote myself entirely to this issue and my goal is to not let it fall victim to Israel’s intransigence.”


There’s no telling at this point how the new, more rightwing Netanyahu cabinet would react to demands to release the Nobel Peace Prize winner, should Barghouti receive the award. He would certainly make the most capable Arab leader Israel has faced to date, with the energy and imagination Abbas never possessed. The temptation to set him free to appease a demanding world would be horrendous, and once Israel lets him out of his cell there’s no telling what he would do and how many Israelis would pay with their lives for his freedom.


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  1. Compare him to someone like Charles Manson the Murderer! Would you let Manson out of prison? Israeli PR needs to keep writing articles and inserting photos of the murders and the families who suffer because of this bastard. The Druze policsman's family is a good place to start. Where is the Israeli Public Relations Dept? run Israel like a business and have an aggressive PR. Show the world the truth about the bastard!! If they still insist on giving him the Nobel Award, let them come to his home in an Israeli prison cell!! He can hang it over the toilet! (Hope it falls in).

  2. I guess Obama & Barghouti are in the same category! One Award for being Black and one for being a Murderer of 5 people! Look what the Nobel Peace Award has come down to. They set the standards rock bottom…
    Thank you Belguim, the country who appears to harbor Terrorists!! Remember Paris?????

  3. So let me get this straight in my head….Belguim wants to give THE MURDERER, Marwan Barghouti, a Palestinian, claiming to be a Political Prisoner, SERVING 5 LIFE SENTENCES FOR MURDERING 5 PEOPLE plus 40 years for attempted murder, the Nobel Peace Prize????? Comparing a TERRORIST (hello) to Nelson Mandela???? How about Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Elie Wiesel OR CHARLIE MANSON! I can even understand Barak Obama for his "Efforts" (now I'm pushing it), and being the first Black President.
    Barghouti makes Peace Talks laughable! Let a MURDERER, a TERRORIST lead Arabs living in Palestine try to form a "peaceful" Two Country solution. What's wrong in this picture? I gotta be missing something. Of course! The TERRORIST, Yasser Arafat, also received the Nobel Peace Award. But at least he shared it (1994) with Shimon Peres & Yitzhak Rabin. Nothing has changed between Arabs & Jews in 68 years! (except for the fact that Israel has given up land for Peace that never happened) Arabs will always attack Jews. It's written in the Quran. Kill a Jew when you see him.
    Alfred Nobel is probably turning in his grave! I'm sure this is not a recipent he would have selected! How sad for the true recipients. Belguim has lowered the standard to rock bottom.
    I guess " One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter". Go figure!

  4. I should have added I oppose a 2 country "solution". That's not a solution. It will not stop Terror groups. It simply says they have the World bargaining for them and look what they got away with? World, try living with thousands of daily, missles, knife killings, rock throwing, killing Jews & never returning bodies to families in mourning. Will the tunnels stop? Never! Will Barghouti use the millions of dollars poured into the West Bank for food, medical, electricity and schools? Probably not. The money goes into building up the weapon supply & digging tunnels.
    Belguim, find all the terrorists hiding out in your country. Maybe you can select one of them for the Nobel and allow the MURDERER to serve his sentence!
    Good Luck with this, World. Your gonna need it!

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