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The blood-stained bedroom of Hallel Yaffa Ariel, hy'd who was stabbed to death by a teenaged Arab terrorist as she slept in her bed in Kiryat Arba.

Hallel Yaffa Ariel, 13, who was stabbed dozens of times while in her bed by an infiltrating Arab terrorist in Kiryat Arba, Hebron, passed away Thursday morning a few hours after the attack, in Sharei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem.

According to an announcement by the Kiryat Arba community, Hallel was a dancer and had participated only Wednesday night in a dance event organized by the Kiryat Arba based Harikud dance arts center.


The man who was injured by the same stabbing terrorist is under medical care in Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center. According to News 0404, he is member of a family that has already lost two sons to terrorists. He’s a volunteer with Kiryat Arba’s security team. He was seriously wounded while fighting the terrorist.


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  1. You’d think after decades of this stuff at least our media would’ve figured out how to write headlines properly. “Young woman” how about “Child”??

    Young Arab men of 17 who have been training in combat and how to behead small animals from infancy are called “children” when the IDF takes them out during a terror attack. Why can’t you at least get something so important here right!?

  2. This isn't the arabs fault. This is the Israeli governments fault.Fing lunatics shoot to neutralize terrorists then save them in their hospitals as habit. The Israeli government supports terror like this . Every muslim under 50 should be round up immediately & thrown out of the country and shot & killed on the spot if they ever return. God bless this family and that princess.

  3. I agree with other commenters here, is the Jewish Press editor taking a day off? you are beginning to sound like the New York Times–dies of stabbing?? what, a knife stabbed her?? Is every so-called media outlet now in bed with the arab murderers? She was stabbed to death, while sleeping in her bedroom in her house, in our homeland, by a 17 year old male arab murderer, who, thank G-d was killed. Please get with it or close shop.

  4. Years ago, we finally got fed up sent our Men to Ramllah and reduced Arafats little Castle to a 2 or 3 room living quarters that remained in until seekng medical help in France where he died.
    It's as plain as day the Abu Mazen is, with a clear voice, ordering his people to commit murder of Jews and other actsof terror. He cannot restrain himself,because this is what he and Arafat were doing ther entire life. Its time to either arrest him for incitement if not murder or like Arafat reduce his life to a couple of rooms and block cell phone useage in his palace of 2 rooms.

  5. The government would like very much to get rid of the Kiryat Arba neighbourhood in Chebron and all other towns built on land liberated in the war of 1967 The people there are standing in the way of that policy. So little by little houses are turn down with the help of the so called Supreme Court , whole neighbouroods are distroyed and for along time now Arabs feel free to do what they love doing best, killing Jews , especially those that can't defend themselves .

  6. "stabbing?" That's what we report on the subways or in a bar fight between 2 drunks…how about "savage murder by savages." Israel had its chance in '67 to really clean house, so what do they do instead? Give back the keys to the Wakf and allow those barbarians to procreate and multiply and regroup and grow stronger in Eretz Israel's backyard, so to speak, and all these bombings, terrorist attacks, stabbings, rammings, etc. are the result of weak-minded leaders. Clean house Israel or this will never stop. Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet, may her family be comforted by their loved ones and friends. I am so sad, but I am also so angry.

  7. Demolish the family home, expel the family from Hebron, top mohammedan access to the cave of the Patriarchs and put a curfew on Arabs, initially for a month and expand Jewish housing in Hebron. Arabs must learn that the more they take the more they lose.

  8. Tell the world the truth about Islam and the prospect of peace with Moslems, including Palestinians. A territory once ruled by Islam (eg. Ottoman Turks) is considered forever consecrated to Islam. Even if now under non Moslem rule, it must be fought for in any way posssible and never, ever relinquished. Even a signed peace treaty is temporary and once it is possible, must be broken and the land retaken for Islamic rule. This is why this innocent Jewish girl was brutally murdered. My her memory be for a blessing and may her murder be avenged.

  9. You can't send out every Arab… but I'd say it is fair to expell all who cannot and will not swear allegiance to the Jewish State, starting with Zoabi. They would hate to live elsewhere in the Middle East anyway, as the living standards are much lower… But those who hate the state and kill the citizens of Israel must be driven away.

  10. I am so very sorry – I wish the family long life and may her memory be for a blessing – There doesn't seem to be an answer to this vile body of personnel who continues to have a blood-lust – Theirs is the blood libel that has plagued Jews through history not the one that Jews continue to take the blame for hundreds of years – The lousy arab which did this must be caught, punished and his home razed to the ground, his family thrown out to the desert – they cannot comprehend living a full and beautiful life as this child was experiencing – all the beasts of the field know is how to destroy – those who honour this piece of scum, PA and Fatah, should also be recipients of the same style of demise. The Knesset must join together to eradicate such animalistic tendancies and actions by the lowest of the low.

  11. Bibi, asking Jihadists politely to stop Jihad is criminally insane. The ONLY compassionate AND effective, complete, & permanent ACTUAL SOLUTION to STOP ATTACKS ON THE INNOCENT ON THE TINY STRIP OF LAND WEST OF THE JORDAN RIVER IS TO REPATRIATE THE OVERWHELMINGLY GENOCIDAL MYTHICAL SO-CALLED PALESTINIANS TO JORDAN & EGYPT. NO COUNTRY HAS EVER TRIED SO MANY WAYS TO AVOID THIS REALITY AS HAS ISRAEL. Keeping this hostile population was never going to nor will ever work.
    I'm calling on you, like you're calling on them, I'm calling on you to STOP calling on them, for God's sake. Israel's been calling on them since 1967. The cost of this is unspeakable.

  12. Israel doesn't have to annex land that belongs solely to it under international agreements and law. It has a right, too, to repatriate to Jordan & Egypt the overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians. Those countries LOST the Six-day War. Israel's secular political leaders since 1967 have cowardly avoided "To the victors go the spoils" since then.

  13. Secular nationalists cannot appreciate how much Orthodox Muslims value Jihad over everything. Only an observant Jewish nationalist, like say a Professor Paul Eidelberg or Baruch Marzel type, has the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, patriotism, compassion, & valor to solve this problem.
    They ran together in a Party that was able to muster almost no Israeli votes.
    Israelis are so brainwashed as to what's legally & morally appropriate to deal with millions of overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians.
    I'll bet the vast majority have no clue what is repatriation.
    Netanyahu is capable of only asking politely the genocidal Jihadists to behave nicely. He's a pathetic phony big-talker.

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