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ID cards of the three terrorists who carried out attack at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate.

A young female Border Guard officer succumbed to her wounds Wednesday afternoon hours after a combined stabbing and shooting attack by three terrorists at the Shechem (Damascus) Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. Hadar Cohen, 19, hy’d, passed away shortly after 6pm at Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center.

Another female Border Guard police officer was seriously wounded and a third policewoman was less severely injured; both were also taken to the same hospital. Numerous others were badly traumatized from the scene.


Security forces initially prevented the Magen David Adom paramedics from going near the attackers for fear of a pipe bomb the terrorists were carrying.

According to Jerusalem police, three terrorists armed with concealed Carl Gustav M/45 sub-machine guns, knives and explosives arrived at the Damascus Gate and were immediately identified by the Border Guard officers at the site.

They stopped them for questioning; one terrorist handed his ID card, the others pulled out his gun and started shooting. All three of the terrorists were neutralized, including one reportedly shot by the policewoman who fell in the line of duty.

Two pipe bombs found on their bodies were successfully dismantled by sappers from the security force, according to Israel Police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld.

Two of the three terrorists were residents of Qabatiya, the third a resident of Jenin, all ages 20 and 21, from Samaria, with no prior history of security offenses, according to Israeli security sources.

All three of the attackers — Ahmed Rajeh Zakarneh, Mohamed Ahmed Kmail and Ahmed Najeh Abu Al-Rub – were killed.


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  1. The blood of these brave defenders is as much on that virulent Judeophobe UN Secretary Moon, and the Islamic terrorist appologists in the EU. as much as the depraved animals perpetrating this act of terrorism. Praying for the comfort and peace of these brave Border Guard's families.

  2. How long . . . . How many more??? How many of our wonderful young people have to lose thier lives . . . .How many parents have to sit Shiva over their precious youngsters, who never got the chance to create a life for themselves . . . . How many times do we have to hear this heart-wrenching news before the government of Israel recognizes that it is at war. And before it realizes that knocking down a house that the Saudis and the European countries will simply pay to rebuild doesn't do a damn thing to discourage this madness. I think Mr. Zelig (below) is correct. Exile their entire nuclear family to Gaza. No more Israeli life-style. If you hate it so badly that you have to kill our children, then go somewhere else, and we'll give you a headstart on the trip!

  3. very important to allow arabs to release their tension…..they have so much hatred that they learn in the free schooling that we provide for them…then they look to harm and kill jews… is a release for them…..they can't go live in arab countries because the pay and food and rights in arab countries are so much much less for arabs then they get in Israel !!!
    we must be very careful….if we would close down gaza and shut off elect and water and heat for ONE day for each jew killed by arabs….that would make them want to stop killing jews and thus frustrate them…also if we put rock throwers and other criminals in cells with NO cellmate no phone no tv no computer no college courses and locked the cell 24 hours a day every day until the years of the sentence are served…..
    then the terrorist prisoners and rock throwers would not enjoy prison and would never want to return to prison so crime would stop…..that would make the arabs feel like they failed….we need them to be free in prison and enjoy themselves and enjoy killing jews so that the world will feel that we are nice and fair to all arabs who harm jews.
    and if we fed heart of arabs who killed jews to pigs they would not want to kill jews anymore making their lives have no purpose.

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