Photo Credit: Plane Sciences
Part of a Swissair blown fuselage following a crash.

The report comes in advance of an NZZ launch of a new book by one of its journalists, Marcel Gyr, who interviewed former Palestinian and Swiss officials as well as Ziegler himself.


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  1. We Jews were the merchants of the world .We could sell ice to the eskimos in the winter! We definitly started most of the giant ad companies . Now ,the Arabs took over as the sellers, and as the agents of twisted facts they encounter NO worthy opposition from us. (I do not consider a call to murder and elimination of a 1/3 of the universe _i.e.muslims-as a worthy opposition) no wonder they succeed while we sleep… soft selling of the truth anyone ? YES WE CAN….

  2. Switserland has never been concerned with morality or even honesty. The Swiss government has always put everything else secondary to Finances . They would not even condemn Hitler and Nazi Germany because of fear of financil disaster. The Swiss government for years has helped criminals and criminal countries to hide assets in the banks of Zurich.and Geneva. Protecting the most psychopathic people and statres such as Nazi Germany from the efforts to return these assetts to the rightful owners.For many years the "drug lords" hid their funds in Zurich or Geneva. Only recently has the swiss government begun to return assetts to the famil of Jews who burned in the ovens of Aushwitz, Birkinow, Sobibor, and others. The question is::Is Switserland antisocial or psychopathic. They are part of the problem , They have never been part of the answer

  3. Shame on them… No wonder Europe is going down. When we go against the Jewish people and Israel we are going against God…I am also concerned about Canada as well. We are going against God's ways too. The World has gone crazy. Time for our precious Lord to return. Lord please have mercy….

  4. why stop in 1970, how about the Swissair plane hijacked to Amman in 1967 by the philistines. A rich country like Switzerland more conscientious about their airplanes than humans? Obviously since during WWII, they locked their doors to the Jews and welcomed Nazi money and gold stolen from the Jews from the death camps make the swiss collabarators to hitler's. Germany. Switzerland official language is German as is their Germany kinship so they are of the same sub-human degenerated blood.

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