Photo Credit: Tomer Ofri, Nature and Parks Authority

Hamas is moving towards a gradual reduction of incendiary attacks from the Gaza Strip towards neighboring Israeli towns, Al Quds reported Wednesday, citing Palestinian Authority sources.

The sources told Al Quds that the Hamas leadership has met a few hours ago in Gaza and decided to curb the arson attacks in order to prevent a massive war in the Gaza Strip at the present time, in consideration of the difficult conditions experienced by the population there.


According to the same sources, the terror group examined this option after several parties, including Egypt, pointed out the need to stop these attacks to prevent Israel from justifying the launch of a major military attack.

The sources suggested the firebomb kites and balloons may be stopped as soon as next week.

After close to 100 days of the firebomb kite and balloon terror attacks in the south, the economic damage to agriculture has produced about 120 claims to the Tax Authority for deductions. The claims have been filed for about 1,500 acres of agricultural land that were burned, and the Tax Authority’s estimates of the damage are around $3.3 million.

In comparison, the 2014 Gaza war yielded about 25,000 claims for damages.


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