Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
Rock-throwing Gazans participate in violence near the Israel-Gaza border

The radical-left NGO “IfNotNow” has given Jewish compassion for one’s neighbor — and the liberal penchant for turning the other cheek — a new twist. Yisrael Medad, who brought this to our attention, simply described it as the statements of “morally corrupt Jews.”


It is customary in Jewish life to bless the memory of a departed family member, friend or respected community member. But on Friday, IfNotNow announced on Twitter — disingenuously — that Israel’s Defense Force “killed three Palestinians, including a child, and injured 25 others during protests,” continuing with the “death toll during Great March of Return protests this year is now more than 220.”

Never mind the fact that the so-called “child” was actually a 16-year-old trained terrorist carrying out an attack under instructions from Hamas, and that violence at the border has never been anything like a protest; these are attacks, deliberately mislabeled.

But beyond belief, the next sentence was “May their memories be blessings.”

IfNotNow is blessing the memories of those who belong to Gaza’s ruling terror organization. Hamas has openly acknowledged that a majority of those who have been shot are in fact members of its ranks.

The rules of engagement to be followed by Israeli military forces when they open fire are clear: fire when there is a threat to security infrastructure, a threat personal safety, or a threat to the border integrity.

IfNotNow is the very same organization that has been sending activists on missions to JFK International Airport to disrupt the trips of Taglit Birthright participants as they check in for their flights. The group attempts to “end American Jewish support for the occupation,” it says on IfNowNow’s website, referring to lands administered by Israel after 1967, including eastern Jerusalem.

The organization purports to be “a nonviolent movement” but frankly, by expressing such fervent support for Hamas . . . well, it’s questionable.

IfNotNow states as one of its principles: “We are a nonviolent movement. . . Our community is already afraid of violence and betrayal. To raise a hand against our community would feed all of these fears.”

Blessing the memories of terrorists who openly hope and attempt to annihilate their Israeli neighbors? Which “community” is this organization referring to, and actually identifying with?

At this point, one wouldn’t be surprised if next time they finish their tweet with, “HY”D – May God avenge their blood.”