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The villagers of Beita, Samaria, ignited an anti-Semitic fire show featuring burning swastika at the centers of Stars of David.

As part of their nightly riots, the villagers of Beita in Samaria on Saturday night ignited an anti-Semitic fire show featuring burning swastika at the centers of Stars of David.

For a hundred days now, PA Arabs from Beita village in Area C have been clashing with Israeli security forces, borrowing a page from the Gaza Strip riots playbook. The Beita rioters usually just shoot fireworks, wave torches, and make noise demanding the evacuation of the Evyatar outpost. But on Saturday night they increased their production values to match those fondly remembered Nazi light shows.


The Evyatar outpost, named after Evyatar Borowski H’yd who was murdered there by Arab terrorists in 1982, has been evacuated several times since then, but this year, Jewish settlers returned to the outpost in great force, in response to the murder of Yehuda Guetta H’yd by an Arab terrorist in early May.

A compromise deal on the outpost Evyatar was signed July 1, according to which all the residents of the outpost left independently, their homes remained in place, empty and locked, guarded by a military unit that’s permanently stationed at the site against the hostile Arab neighbors. Meanwhile, the state is taking steps to verify as quickly as possible the legal status of the land, and once the land is regulated and its status is classified as state land, the demolition orders will be revoked, a yeshiva will be established in Evyatar, and eventually, subject to the required government approvals, the state will approve a “permanent civic presence” in Evyatar, meaning a legal Israeli settlement in Area C.

Since then, every night, dozens of young Arabs gather on the border of Beita, throwing stones, throwing burning objects, making noise, and blinding the soldiers with flashlights, with the clear goal of fighting the establishment of a Jewish settlement in Samaria.

In mid-July, the Civil Administration began, in keeping with the agreement with the settlers, the work on the survey needed to approve the land and start preparing for the return of the Jewish residents to Evyatar. The survey work includes an examination of Evyatar’s 23.5 acres of land in order to declare it state land. A steering committee has been established by the Samaria Regional Council, whose role is to accompany the planning of the establishment of the Evyatar settlement, to define the needs of the settlement, and in light of these, the planning will be carried out.

The Arab resistance will become ever more violent and repulsive with every passing day since Evyatar’s violent neighbors understand that the new Israeli government has committed to the deal with the settlers. So their only option is to bang on their chests, silverback fashion, and dig up the most heinous symbols and rituals to scare away the Jews.

So far, the Jews don’t scare. As the IDF Spokesman in Arabic, Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee, responded on Twitter Sunday: “Are the Palestinian rioters in Beita aware of what they are doing, raising the Nazi flag and supporting Hitler? I doubt these bastards even know the extent of Hitler’s crimes they so glorify. Shame on them.”


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