Photo Credit: Fatah Facebook page
The Fatah Facebook post is illustrated with the image of Marwan Barghouti.

The Fatah, formerly the Palestinian National Liberation Movement and today the largest faction of the confederated multi-party Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO – Chairman: Mahmoud Abbas), is threatening to carry out terror attacks against Israel on “Palestinian Prisoner day,” April 17, according to Palestinian Media Watch.

On March 29, the official Fatah Facebook page declared: “Let us turn April 17, 2017, into a fire that will burn the occupiers and burn the land like an inferno under the feet of the tyrants, and let’s escalate the popular resistance (meaning attacks on Israelis) everywhere. Therefore, we call on our brave students and the masses of our people to escalate the confrontation with the occupier at all the places of confrontation.”


According to PMW, the Fatah student movement threatened to kill Israelis on April 17, indicating the coming attacks would resemble past terror attacks in which 16 Israelis were murdered:

“We hold the Nazi occupation gang responsible for what will happen. We warn against taking any steps of oppression against our brave prisoners. We declare in a clear manner that splits the sky: Fatah and its Shabiba are committed to a promise. We will not hesitate to burn the land under the feet of the tyrants if [Israel] harms the prisoners. Whoever wants to test us should remember the Wadi Al-Haramiya operation (terror attack in which 10 murdered), the Ein Arik operation (terror attack in which 6 murdered), and the hundreds of heroic operations that were carried out by Fatah members and the fighters of our people.”

The post is illustrated with the image of Marwan Barghouti, a Fatah terrorist and presumed heir to Mahmoud Abbas, who is serving 5 life sentences for planning attacks in which five were murdered.

For a more detailed report, check out the PMW website.


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