Photo Credit: Gad Amiton/TPS
A sign at the entrance to Palestinian Authority controlled- Area A.

Gadi Gvaryahu, head of the left-wing Tag Meir organization, was carjacked by a group of Palestinian Authority Arabs on Monday while driving in Samaria.

Gvaryahu came to the village of Bidiya to visit the family of Aisha A-Rabi, who was killed by a rock thrown at her car near Rachelim two years ago, allegedly thrown by Israeli youth.


After the visit and on his way out of the village, PA Arabs staged an accident and hit his vehicle. When he stopped to check the damage, they took the opportunity and robbed him and drove away in his car.

Gvaryahu was injured in the incident.

The police launched a search for the perpetrators.

“The Israel Police and the security forces reiterate that Israelis are prohibited from entering the territories of the Palestinian Authority and that any entry endangers their lives and also endangers the security forces called to rescue them,” the police stated after the incident.

Similar incidents of staged accidents by PA Arabs followed by a carjacking have occurred in the area.

Gadi is the father of Avner Gvaryahu, Executive director of the extreme Breaking the Silence anti-IDF organization.

If Gvaryahu had been familiar with the following instruction video with Noam Jacobson, perhaps he could have avoided the incident:

According to a social media report, when Gvaryahu went to file a complaint with police, he was fined NIS 500 for not following the lockdown restrictions and staying within a kilometer of his home.


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Aryeh Savir is director of the International division of Tazpit News Agency.