Ezri Tubi’s Boomerang Fighting for Israel has created a campaign against the biased and very dangerous attitude of the State Department against Israel and Jews, presenting the Jews as the aggressive attackers and the Arabs as the innocent victims (Boomerang: In 2019 Report, State Dept. Erased 95% of Arab Terror Attacks on Jews).

Please watch the video and take action with Boomerang:


Write a comment on President Trump’s Twitter page and the State Department’s Facebook page.

Feel free to use our proposed text:

Dear President Trump, as a true ally of the Jewish State I am asking you to withdraw the State Department’s latest human rights biased report against Israel [link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqbpkB5JyzI&feature=youtu.be].

Please share this message with 5 friends or groups, and don’t forget to join Boomerang’s quiet WhatsApp groups.

Ezri Tubi says: Thank you for caring.


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