Photo Credit: Fatah Facebook page
The Fatah Facebook post is illustrated with the image of Marwan Barghouti.

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

While the UK mourns the murder last week of a young British woman, Hannah Bladon, by a Palestinian terrorist in Jerusalem, the Palestinian Mission in the UK has been promoting an event in a hall in London to honor a different Palestinian terrorist.


Marwan Barghouti, former head of Fatah’s Tanzim terror faction, was convicted and imprisoned in Israel for orchestrating three shooting attacks in which five people were murdered.

The PA embassy in Britain is endorsing an event that honors this terrorist, and posted that they plan to show a film about him this Sunday, April 23, 2017, at the May Fair Hotel in London. was contacted by representatives of Edwardian Hotels London, and were told that after reviewing the request to host a private screening, the hotel decided to not move forward with the event at the May Fair Theater.

According to the invitation to the event, which is posted on the embassy’s official website, the event is organized by the UK branch of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Movement and the General Union of Palestinian Communities in Europe.

The embassy is directly involved as well, as registration for the event is done by emailing the PA mission’s political counselor Ms. Meisoon Shorafa (

Palestinian Authority promotion in UK on Marwan Barghouti

[Palestinian Authority Mission to the UK website accessed April 19]

The film “Marwan,” produced by the independent Palestinian Authority news agency Ma’an, is being screened in London to mark Palestinian Prisoner’s Day in “solidarity” with what the invitation on the embassy’s official website refers to as “6,500 Palestinian political prisoners” – i.e., the Palestinian euphemism for imprisoned terrorists and murderers.

In the same way, Marwan Barghouti, who is in prison for being responsible for five murders, is referred to as “resistance fighter” who turned “advocate of the two-state solution.”

Palestinian Media Watch has reported on the PA’s attempt to make the international community “recognize the legitimacy” of Barghouti’s murders by campaigning for awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize.


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