Photo Credit: Courtesy Regional Council Samaria
R-L: Hananel Dorani, Yossi Dagan, Rabbi Elyakim Levanon, a parent, and Avitzur, the Bar Mitzvah boy, inside the cave the children hid from an Arab Lynch mob.

Two parents who opened fire at a group of Arab attackers during a Bar Mitzvah hike in the Shomron, on November 30, appear to have acted in self-defense, police said Wednesday.

During the incident, several dozen Arabs attacked a group of Jewish children hiking near the village of Khusra, stealing a weapon from one of the two parents walking with the group, stealing personal belongings from the children and wounding three. One of the armed parents opened fire, leading to the death of an Arab man.


An initial police investigation led to a joint operation with the IDF in which 20 residents of Khusra were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the incident and further clashes that ensued between Arabs and the IDF in the days following the incident.

Personal belongings taken from members of the Bar Mitzvah party and the weapon stolen in the attack were recovered during the raids. Police said evidence supported indictments against five of the Arabs arrested.

Police added that they were close to finishing their investigation into the firing of a weapon by the two parents accompanying the children, and said the evidence gathered so far strengthened the parents’ claim that there was a clear and present danger to the children and they acted in self defense.

This article is based on content from TPS.