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Dr.Mohammad Shtayyeh

Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, who served as the Palestinian Authority’s Minister of Public Works And Housing and Minister of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development announced on Thursday that the PA is going to inform Israel during Thursday’s security coordination meeting with Israeli officials that it no longer abides by its Oslo agreements with Israel as long as Israel is not keeping them, Israel Radio reported.

“Israel is not a partner — it’s an enemy state that occupies our land,” he said. He revealed that the current Palestinian leadership’s strategy is to internationalize the conflict through various means.


In a conference in Beirut, Lebanon, Shtayyeh said it’s the end of negotiations with Israel under an American monopoly. He supported the “Awakening,” as he called it, by Arab youth on the ground these days, and said that it is at the heart of the PLO’s strategy of its struggle.

Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud) said in response that the PA’s plan to inform Israel it no longer abides by the agreements between the two sides is yet another nail in the PA’s coffin. Elkin noted that the PA has been slowly vanishing from the map for all kinds of reasons. He emphasized that the PA’s existence completely depends on the Oslo Accords, and that security cooperation is a central part of those accords. Should it announce that it no longer keeps them, there will no longer be a basis for said existence and it would “evaporate,” as he put it.

In Elkin’s view, such a move would not cause Israel any damage in the world arena.



  1. Why should it matter, whether P.A. "evaporation" would or would not cause Israel damage in the world arena ?!
    This is exactly the PROBLEM with the Jewish state's successive governments' GALUT (Diaspora) mentality, i.e. "What would the Goyim say ?!"
    Ben Gurion, (a long time ago) seems to have been the only statesman who said:
    "It does not matter what the Goyim think – it matters what the Jews think !"

  2. Yeah. We're gonna bust those Israeli fists with our noses. Who needs their power, water, ports, sewage, trade or shekels? We'll print our own money, make water from clouds and live in squallor. We'll show the world how much poorer we can be because those Israelis refuse to leave Balestine.
    In May 1967 we were peacefully enjoying occupation by Jordan and Egypt. We had no complaints. We paid our taxes; they ignored us; life was ok unless drafted for one of their armies. Cities were gloriously untouched since the time of the British. Then the Zionists came along and built hospitals, universities, roads and infrastructure. But we don't need to have our space contaminated by those dirty Jews. Long live Jihad. (whose head's next?…)

  3. Does this mean, Israel can now deport the PA leadership back to Tunis? Does this mean Israel can strip the Fatah of their weapons? Does this mean Israel can stop supplying electricity and water to people who refuse to pay for it? And this is just for starters.

  4. lies and more lies – takiya – tell me, what exactly has this lot ever done for the world? – oh, oil – well, that is only the bi-product which the British developed for them – other than that the only concept they came up with was the zero. Although sand is their biggest economy and their downfall in the tunnel flooding.
    Yes, we have a lot to thank them for including their specialised cure for headaches – they just detatch the offending pain from the source…!

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