Photo Credit: Matty Stern / U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv
US Ambassador Dan Shapiro attacked Israeli settlements at the INSS conference.

Four shoes dropped this week on Israel’s settlements policy, and of the four, the most painful was the last one—as is common in shoe dropping—when it turned out the US government supports boycotting the Jewish communities on the wrong side of a boundary line marked temporarily back in 1949 and crossed almost 49 years ago.

Just to remind you, all of these shoes came a-dropping on a week when two Jewish women were stabbed for sports in their home towns by Arabs, one woman died, the other, five months pregnant, survived.


So, to reiterate, Tuesday was not a good day for folks who want Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria to thrive, for the benefit of everyone involved, including local Arabs. US Ambassador Dan Shapiro carried a speech at the INSS conference in Tel Aviv that could earn him a job with the Swedish foreign office, essentially accusing Israel of carrying out extrajudicial executions, suggesting the killing of Arabs who stab IDF soldiers in the neck was “unchecked vigilantism”; and Human Rights Watch, one of the wealthiest NGOs on the planet, with an operating budget that exceeds $50 million most years, suggested businesses should withdraw from Judea and Samaria Jewish communities, all the time insisting they were not advocating a boycott; and, a scant few hours ahead of those two, the EU foreign ministers convened — even as Syrian asylum seekers were turning downtown Cologne into a scene from a Fellini movie — and decided that world peace would be saved if only the good people of Europe stopped buying wine from Jews, and they, too, insisted this wasn’t a boycott.

Some of us felt like the guy getting mugged on the street and the mugger is insisting he’s just borrowing some cash. And the watch, please.

Altogether, it was high time for someone in Jerusalem to apply right away Bayit Yehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett’s call, at the same conference, for thinking outside the box. Never mind that Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon felt so threatened by his colleague’s well honed suggestions, he called them childish and accused Bennett of preaching to his Facebook Choir. And so, in typical fashion, just as Israel was being pushed against the ropes, three-teamed by the US, the NGOs and the EU crowd, the Netanyahu government opted for an internal bar brawl.

Now for the fourth shoe, which dropped during the State Dept. daily Q&A with the press, as Spokesman John Kirby was answering a reporter’s question regarding the HRW report. The spokesman insisted he hadn’t read the report, but seeing as he had just been responding to questions regarding Ambassador Shapiro’s speech, and he did know about the EU foreign ministers’ decision to continue product labeling, he went ahead anyway and stated: “Well, as you know, our longstanding position on settlements is clear. We view Israeli settlement activity as illegitimate and counterproductive to the cause of peace. We remain deeply concerned about Israel’s current policy on settlements, including construction, planning, and retroactive legalizations. The US Government has never defended or supported Israeli settlements, because administrations from both parties have long recognized that settlement activity beyond the 1967 lines and efforts to change the facts on the ground undermine prospects for a two-state solution. We are no different.”

The reporter asked, “And does that mean … that you have no issue with this EU decision? You support it?”

Kirby answered, after some clarification: “We do not view labeling the origin of products as being from the settlements a boycott of Israel. We also do not believe that labeling the origin of products is equivalent to a boycott.”


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  1. Islamo-Nazism must not subvert the Jewish people by pinning a Yellow Star of David on our people in the form of Settlement Products Labeling. As our patriarch Ben Gurion said "Never again" or let not history repeat itself. I see that anti-Semitism is on the rise and our people are coming out of the four corners of the world and returning back to esretz Israel and because of this movement Messiah will redeem our people from the onslaught. "Be as wise as serpents, and be harmless as doves." Pray for the Shalom of Y'rushalyim, Yis'rael needs prayers. Amen.

  2. BDS, Jew haters, bloody Iranian regime, Hizbollah, Hamas, all the terrorists organizations in the world, this government, no government, any governmnet past, present and in future can not stop me not to buy "Israeli goods"….. even, if I have to pay 4 times higher, I will countinue buying "Israeli goods"!!
    The entire land of Israel, belongs to Jews and cockroach & Parasites of any society Palestinians, can crul back where they got kicked out on 1970!

  3. No surprises here. The US State Dept was against the Balfour Declaration when they first learned about it and they have continued along the same lines ever since.

    If America wants to improve it’s standing in the world (and even survive) it needs to purge its army of unelected diplomats and bureaucrats, many of whom hold political and religious positions which wouldn’t be offensive to Hitler. They are certainly anti-Israel and definitely anti-American.

  4. I don't think we should consider the Americans our friends anymore. We should attempt to break all ties with them. This way they have no say in what we do and how we handle the Arab situation. The truth is that they need us far more then we need them.

  5. Ronald Reagan long ago described the choice in front of a society like Israel's. Netanyahu has consistently led Israel in the opposite direction suggested by Reagan. In the end the name of Benny Milekovitch will rot. If he has a place in any good world to come it is a place of shame and humiliation. The Jews are being lead to a place of last resorts. May they remember themselves in that place and thereby endure.

  6. Wonder when a member of the media will ask Ms. Hillary what she thinks about this?… Bet she double talks her way thru and arround the question…. Also doubt that anyone will question Mrs. Clinton about this or ask any other difficult question.
    Remember this and the Obama's Administration's attitude and dealings with Israel, for the past seven years, when you vote this November! Do not forgive not forget.. NEVER AGAIN !!

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