Photo Credit: Wikimedia / Адміністрація Президента України
French President Emmanuel Macron and First Lady Brigitte Macron, November 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron was diagnosed Thursday with COVID-19, the Elysee Palace in Paris said in a statement.

A commitment Macron made earlier to visit Lebanon on December 22 for his ongoing effort to help the country rehabilitate its failing economy has been canceled.


Macron tested positive for the novel coronavirus when he was tested after he began to experience symptoms of the virus.

The 42-year-old French leader is isolating himself for seven days but said he will continue to work and carry out his activities remotely, according to the statement.

The palace did not provide details about the symptoms Macron experienced that led to the test and subsequent diagnosis.

Macron’s wife, 67-year-old Brigitte, also entered quarantine, according to her office. She is not showing any symptoms of the virus, according to Sky News.

Macron joins a lists of other world leaders who also contracted the deadly virus, among them Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US President Donald Trump, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.


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