Photo Credit: courtesy, Minister Gilad Erdan
Strategic Affairs and Diplomatic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan at Deutscher Israelkongress in Frankfurt, Germany

Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy Minister Gilad Erdan told more than 3,000 participants at the Deutscher Israelkongress in Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday that Iran will continue attempting to carry out terror attacks against European countries — and he appealed to to the German government to join the United States in imposing sanctions against Tehran, so the rest of Europe will as well.

Erdan referred to Iran’s President Rouhani’s speech as “a cancerous tumor,” saying, “Germany should take a more aggressive stance against the Iranian regime … It was only yesterday that President Rouhani called Israel metastatic cancer. History has taught us that anti-Semitic threats from fanatical leaders, and exporters of terror who have hegemonic aspirations, must be taken seriously.”


“Forcing a change in Iran’s behavior is necessary for the safety of the people of Israel, of the people of Iran, and for the people of Europe,” Erdan said.

Israel has recently uncovered several Iranian attempts to carry out terror attacks on European soil, Erdan said, which Israel helped expose. “Iran will not stop,” he warned, “and it will continue to try and carry out terror attacks in Europe.

“Changing the behavior of the regime is what the Iranian people want; that is what the Gulf States want. And I call on Germany to join the U.S. sanctions against Iran; if Germany does so, other European countries will do the same.”

Erdan also said that as long as the Iranian government uses expressions such as “Death to Israel” and displays them on its ballistic missiles — and Hezbollah continues to arm itself and threaten Israel with tens of thousands of missiles — Israel will do all that is necessary to protect itself.”