Photo Credit: Courtesy, IAI
IAI’s Arrow 3 aerial defense system against ballistic missile threats.

Israel and Germany accelerated talks for the purchase of the Arrow-3 missile defense system, Israel’s Defense Ministry confirmed on Thursday.

The Arrow-3 is widely regarded as the most advanced air defense system of its kind, capable of intercepting ballistic missiles in space.


The reported $2.18 billion sale, if completed, would be operational in 2025, according to German reports. The sale requires approval of the US government, which is a partner in the system’s development and production.

The sale would be the Arrow’s first to another country.

In Israel, the Arrow 3, operational since 2017, is part of the country’s multi-layered defense array, which includes the Arrow-2, David’s Sling, and Iron Dome defense systems.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted European countries to boost defense spending. That, as well as interest in Israeli military technology from Abraham accords partners have created a spike in Israeli defense exports.

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