Photo Credit: Major Ofer, Israeli Air Force
Israel Air Force F-16I 'Sufa'

According to the IDF Spokesperson, the IAF and the German Air Force on Monday start two weeks of joint exercises in Germany. This is the first time the IAF has trained over German soil.

“The IAF will participate in the exercise for the first time as Germany’s guests”, said the leader of the IAF team, Lt. Col. A, commander of the IAF 105th Squadron, which operates the F-16C/D aircraft. “This is an opportunity to showcase our abilities and learn about NATO’s flight and training technique.”


“On a tactical level, we have the incredible opportunity to learn from other air forces and train in unfamiliar territory and challenging conditions,” Lt. Col. A said. “From a strategic standpoint, we are strengthening our ability to cooperate with other nations and air forces.”

The IAF contingent of Six IAF F-16C/D fighter jets, two Boeing 707 aircraft, and two Gulfstream G-550 aircraft will train alongside counterparts from NATO countries as part of the Multinational Air Group (MAGDAY) exercise over Nörvenich base, Germany.

According to the IDF Spokesperson, the IAF will practice dogfights, ground-to-air combat, handling surface-to-air missile threats, and other combat scenarios in enemy territory. The exercise is an opportunity to fly tactically and face a wide variety of threats using advanced technology, and to execute quality aerial training in an unfamiliar arena.

“This training is very effective and unique, as we train in an unfamiliar environment and territory,” said Lt. Col. A. “We will fly in a different environment than we are used to in Israel, with different flight platforms and flight rules. The flights will be carried out using NATO’s combat doctrine as opposed to ours, which creates a challenge for the pilot and Weapons Systems Operator in the cockpit. The exercise will simulate warfare due to the uncertainty, and the difference from training in Israel.”