Photo Credit: Ukrainian Police
Bucha massacre bodies being exhumed, April 2022.

The Russian embassy in Cairo on Tuesday tweeted: “Compare Yair Lapid’s lies about Ukraine in April and attempts to place blame and responsibility on Russia for the deaths of people in Bucha who were brutally murdered by the Nazi Ukrainians with his calls in August for bombing and strikes on Palestinian land in the Gaza Strip. Isn’t that double standards and complete disregard and contempt for the lives of Palestinians?”


Wow. They must really be angry at Yair Lapid to compare the surgical killing of two terrorist leaders and 15 rank & file Islamic Jihad fighters to the mass murder in Bucha, Ukraine, where the invading Russian forces killed at least 1,300 innocent civilians, including at least 30 children.

In April, Lapid tweeted: “It is impossible to remain indifferent in the face of the horrifying images that were discovered in the city of Bucha near Kiev, after the Russian army left the place. Intentional harm to a civilian population is a war crime.”

Many of the bodies were found mutilated and burnt, and girls as young as fourteen reported being raped by Russian soldiers. Ukraine asked the International Criminal Court to investigate what happened in Bucha as part of its ongoing investigation of the invasion, to determine whether a series of Russian war crimes or crimes against humanity were committed.

Russia denied responsibility for Bucha and claimed Ukraine had faked footage of the event or staged the killings itself as a false flag operation, calling the footage and photographs of dead bodies “fake news.” These claims have been debunked by independent groups and media organizations around the world. There’s no escaping it, as eyewitness accounts from residents of Bucha said that the Russian Armed Forces carried out the killings.

Comparing Israel’s attack on terrorist killers who ended up killing at least 15 of their own civilians with botched rocket launches to the Bucha horrors puts Russia firmly on the evil side of history, alongside Iran and North Korea. What the heck is wrong with these people?


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