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The Jewish Labour Movement has announced that it will campaign only for “exceptional” Labour candidates like Ruth Smeeth who take a stand against anti-Semitism in the general election on December 12.

It announced: “Fighting racism, prejudice and intolerance is at the heart of our Labour values – it is the failure of the leader and his supporters to support these values which has led us to take this stance.”


Former British Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair predicted at a Board of Deputies dinner on Monday that a “complete battle” would break out in Labour over the anti-Semitism that is “killing the party.”

He praised Dame Margaret Hodge and Ruth Smeeth for staying in the party to fight anti-Semitism but also wished well to Luciana Berger, the Labour MP who defected to the Liberal Democrats due to the pervasive anti-Semitism in Labour.


Chassidic School Still Running Afoul of Ofsted

Talmud Torah Yetev Lev, a London chassidic school, is still failing to meet Ofsted’s safeguarding concerns, although it has satisfied its health and welfare concerns.

Inspectors also found the school’s secular curriculum too narrow, especially in English speaking, reading, and writing.


MP Defeats Deselection Attempts

Jewish Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge overwhelmingly defeated attempts at deselection in her Barking and Dagenham constituency last week.

The Board of Deputies tweeted: “Trolls who opposed her reckoned without her strength & popularity. Not lost on anyone that Labour’s so-called ‘anti-racist’ leader was missing in action as his drones tried to force out another Jewish MP.”

She and Ruth Smeeth are the only two Jewish Labour MPs who remain in the Labour Party, with the aim of fighting anti-Semitism from within.

Hodge told the Jewish Chronicle, “I think it’s really important that me and Ruth Smeeth stay fighting from the inside. We are both tough individuals and neither of us will be frightened of them.”


Jewish Support For Liberal Democrats Quadruples

A recent poll reveals that nearly a quarter of British Jews will vote for the Liberal Democrats in the general election – four times as many as in the last election in 2017.

This comes as Liberal Democrat new leader Jo Swinson has repeatedly ruled out supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister because of his failure to address anti-Semitism within the Labour party.

The Survation poll, commissioned by the Jewish Leadership Council, showed 64 percent of Jews voting Conservative and 24 percent Liberal Democrats. Only six percent would vote for Labour and three percent for the Brexit Party.

Nearly half, 47 percent of Jews, said they would seriously consider emigrating if Corbyn became prime minister. A massive 87 percent consider him to be anti-Semitic and 32 percent think that of Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.


Labour Candidate Apologizes for Death Fantasy Posts

Labour candidate for Coventry South Zarah Sultana once wrote on social media that she would celebrate the death of Benjamin Netanyahu and that she supported violent resistance to advance the Palestinian cause.

Sultana has now apologized for the posts she made while a student. She said her posts were written “out of frustration rather than malice.”


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Doreen Wachmann served as a senior reporter and columnist for Britain’s Jewish Telegraph newspaper for more than 20 years.