Photo Credit: Itzik Bellenitzki/TPS

A Manchester businessman is taking his multi-million pound divorce battle to the Supreme Court after losing an appeal against a court ruling that, he claims, will prevent him from giving his wife a get.

Alan (Altie) Moher separated from his wife Caroline in 2016. They have since been in an acrimonious divorce battle. Last year Mr. Moher was ordered by a Manchester Family Court to give his wife a lump sum of £1.4 million plus payments amounting to £22,000 a year until he gives his wife a get.


Mr. Moher contested the decision, claiming that having to make the regular payments until he grants a get would amount to coercion that would invalidate the religious divorce.

Last week, an Appeal Court rejected his claim, citing the 2002 Divorce Act under which a husband can be prevented from obtaining a civil divorce decree absolute until he has given a get. Mrs. Moher already has her decree absolute.

Dayan Gavriel Krausz, formerly of the Manchester Beth Din, told The Jewish Press that a get could be “null and void” if it was ordered by a secular court as opposed to a beis din. “It is very complicated,” he said. “A get has to be given freely unless a beis din decides that circumstances are such that halachically the husband is obliged to give it.”


Stamford Hill May Be Designated As ‘Under-Vaccinated’

Jewish children in Stamford Hill could be targeted in a new government initiative to boost measles vaccination rates. According to the Jewish Chronicle, the neighborhod will be designated as an “under-vaccinated” area.

Last year, more than 60 cases between October and December were reported in Stamford Hill, which has a large charedi population. More than 500 children at the time received emergency vaccinations.

Dr. Joseph Spitzer told the Jewish Chronicle, “Measles is still going around. But immunization rates have improved considerably in the charedi community, definitely. I think it’s [due] to the public health campaign, the increasing awareness, and the press. Any initiative by anyone is to be recommended.”


Brexit Party Jews To Run In London

Two Jews will run as Brexit Party candidates in Golders Green and Hendon and Finchley, two heavily Jewish-populated areas in London, in the next election.

Yosef David, an Orthodox Jew; a social worker for Norwood, a Jewish special needs charity; and the director of Am Segula, a Sephardi youth organization, is running in Hendon. Julia Pelta, a healthcare and technology adviser, will contest neighboring Finchley and Golders Green.


Jewish Leader Slams Trump and BBC

Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl has slammed President Donald Trump for saying Jews who voted Democrat “show either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

She said, “Whatever one thinks of the antics of certain Democrat politicians, to single out Jewish voters and accuse them of the ancient slur of disloyalty – when anti-Semitic violence is on the increase – is reckless and flies in the face of President Trump’s professed stance against anti-Jewish hate.

“American Jews – like British Jews – will vote for candidates from any party that best represent them on the full spectrum of issues, from healthcare to education to fighting anti-Semitism.”

Van der Zyl also criticized the BBC for tweeting the following upon the death of Rina Shnerb near Dolev: “Israeli teenage girl killed in bomb attack near Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.”

Van der Zyl said, “It’s an appalling comment…. Murder is murder and the BBC should know better than to link the bombing of an innocent teenage girl, when hiking, to the political situation in the West Bank. They should apologize and amend the tweet.”

A BBC spokesperson said, “This is a factual tweet which includes the location of the girl’s killing.”


Kent Refugee Camp Remembered

A plaque is to be unveiled on Sunday at the site of a Kent refugee camp that welcomed thousands of Jewish refugees just before the outbreak of World War II.

The Kitchener Camp was established in February 1939 by the Council for German Jewry, now World Jewish Relief. By the outbreak of the war in September that year, 4,000 Jewish men had arrived from Nazi Europe as temporary UK residents in the camp near Sandwich.

Also on Sunday, London’s Jewish Museum will launch an exhibition telling the story of the camp.


Amazon UK Removes Offensive Holocaust Clothes

Amazon UK has removed from its website clothing featuring a picture labeled “The Last Jew in Vinnitsa.”

The picture was taken in 1942 and shows a Jewish man kneeling before a mass grave in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, about to be shot by an SS officer.

Amazon UK removed the items after being alerted to them by Israel’s Channel 12.

Suspended Labour Activist Still Active

A Labour activist, suspended from the party nearly two years ago for anti-Semitic behavior, has been found by the Sunday Times to still be playing a part in Labour politics.

Laura Stuart was suspended for tweeting that “Jews love money and are a bunch of crooks” and of “Holocaust indoctrination.” She is now secretary of Unite Community Barnet, which sends members to sit on the local Labour Party governing body.