Photo Credit: Courtesy: News0404 / Building Residents
Hamas and ISIS flag found on the roof of a Tel Aviv building.

The residents of a building on Recanati Street in north Tel Aviv filed a complaint with police on Friday after discovering an ISIS and Hamas flag on their rooftop, Ynet reported. Police are investigating the possibility that the flags may belong to Arab workers who are doing renovations in the building.

On Friday, an Israeli-Arab killed 2 people and wounded 8 more in Tel Aviv, and he has not yet been found. The city is on edge.


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  1. This is the kind of thing where a loyalty oath could remedy the situation. Once a person takes the oath, anything, such as the possession of an ISIS flag, could be grounds for immediate loss of Israeli citizenship, and deportation. And no, there will be no 'getting a few things' from the house; just loaded onto appropriate transportation out of the country. Also, put them on a shoot-to-kill no entry list. At the rate things are going, the arab population will be much smaller in a short period of time.

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