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Jonathan and Esther Pollard shortly after his release from prison Friday morning.

The ministerial legislative committee on Sunday again postponed indefinitely a bill to guarantee the economic future of recently released Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

The proposed bill was submitted prior to Pollard’s release from US prison, by Knesset House Committee Chairman MK David Bitan (Likud) and endorsed by 18 MKs from various factions. The bill suggests that although Pollard is currently living in the US, Israel owes him a debt of gratitude and must pay for his living expenses and medical care.


Despite the broad support for the bill, the ministerial committee persisted in rejecting it. Unofficial sources told Israeli media that elements in the National Security Council have warned that the proposed bill would ruffle too many feathers over in Washington.

MK Bitan announced that he would comply with the postponement for now, but vowed to persist in pushing his bill in the near future, fearing that in a few years Pollard would be forgotten by the Israeli public and face economic hardship.

Pollard served 30 years in Federal prison, the longest term ever served by a spy for a friendly country.



  1. These Israeli politicicians and law makers are more trying to G-d, than the egyptians were. May G-d protect you people despite your government. I certainly would contribute monthly to a fund for Pollard. He should be treated and living like a king.

  2. This is not surprising.
    Israel is run by a rabble with that darling of the Diaspora, Benjamin Netanyahu at the top. Finally people are coming to realise what I have been saying for ages. Netanyahu and the people around him lack a spine. While I detest the Obama administration and all it has done, one thing they were right about was the comment to the effect that Netanyahu was a "chicken " (I don't recall the exact words).
    This guy will not fight terror in the only way terrorists understand. Instead he appeals to the international community to persuade the head of the PA (Mahmoud Abbas) to tone down the incitement to terror. As if the international community could care less about murdered Jews.
    I fear Jonathan Pollard could be in for more suffering if not helped substantially by the Israeli Government.

  3. As a Christian US military intelligence officer I find that the actions of the Israeli government in this matter are cowardly and counterproductive.

    If Pollard had been a Puerto Rican revolutionary who shot up Congress he would have been out of jail (as the actual Puerto Rican revolutionaries were released) years ago.

    Had he spied for Saudi Arabia he would not have served a day in jail. { A US Navy officer whose espionage damaged the United States by being released to the Soviet Union received a dishonorable discharge and no further punishment.}

    Had he been an Arab terrorist who killed several Jews cold blood and had been sentenced to several life terms he would have been released as a US demanded "Goodwill gesture".

    When Israel grovels in order not to displease elements within the United States or within Europe,, its enemies sense the fear and weakness and then move in for the kill’

    Shame on those in the Israeli government who have taken the weak and fearful position.

    Shame on the US Jewish community for abandoning Pollard.

    Let me assure you that had Pollard been a Moslem, the US Muslim community would be united. There would be complaints at the UN. And every Arab ambassador would make it a cause to publicly accuse the United States of discrimination and injustice.

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