Photo Credit: United Hatzalah
Dr. Zev Neuwirth with one of the patients in transport.

A joint operation that was Headed by Miami physician Dr. Zev Neuwirth, United Hatzalah of Israel, Zaka, and Hatzalah Air, rescued a Jewish family that had been seriously injured by a Russian bombing inside Ukraine. Several family members were left in serious condition, while others were in moderate condition after a Russian airstrike hit their apartment complex.

Zaka’s emergency team arranged for transport from the bombed area to the free zone between the Ukrainian and the Moldovan border where the family was handed off to United Hatzalah of Israel who arranged for a special ambulance for them. The UH personnel who are stationed at the border to assist refugees worked with border officials and officials from the Israeli Foreign Ministry to speed up the process of crossing the border for the family. The team then brought the family to Romania where Hatzalah Air, a US-based emergency flight organization will be airlifting them to receive additional medical care at a hospital.


Dr. Neuwirth said, “This was a joint operation and would not have succeeded without the effort of all three organizations. Zaka arranged transport within Ukraine to the free zone by the Moldova border, at which time the patients were transferred to two United Hatzalah ambulances and driven 3 1/2 hours under my care together with other advanced care paramedics and EMTs from United Hatzalah into Romania, to an awaiting plane from Hatzalah Air which flew in especially for this mission from the United States. Hatzalah Air then airlifted the patients to a specialized trauma facility.”

Dr. Neuwirth added, “I am proud to announce that our 50+ member team from United Hatzalah is now in full operation here in Moldova and standing by to receive, treat, transfer, and airlift refugees and people seeking medical aid as necessary in the region. We are treating and assisting all refugees regardless of race or religion.”

Dr. Neuwirth is a Miami-based Internal Medicine doctor & Hospitalist with extensive prehospital and military experience.


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